fake fun

Be Yourself

"Don't worry about what they think or say. Just be yourself!"

When you read the above, what does it make you think about?
If someone said it to you, how would you feel?

But how much of our 'self', is actually ours?
How many hours of the day are you the 'self' which pleases your boss, colleagues or classmates?
What about our friends?
Do you always feel you can say what you really think to your parents?
How often can you just sit back and 'be yourself'?

True Freedom

This is a rap/poem whatever you want to call it that I've written. Please don't imagine me in some bling-bling! I don't do that stuff. Have a read and tell me what you think. It's called True Freedom, it may scare some people, but tough luck. Tell me what you think.

The drugs, the clubs and all the booze
Gave me the buzz, the notion of being full
How much money you had, or whether you could pull
The media, the magazines set the expectations
Making you think it was the aspiration
But that was before I got the news
Of the Truth, the Right and the only One
I've moved on since the old days
Left the idea of artificial fun
Learnt to correct those ways

Despite all the times that I've gone wrong
I've been blessed with the will to stay strong