Phil Woolas immigration leaflets case: high court orders election rerun in Oldham East

Special election court heard Labour MP knowingly made false claims as experts predict profound changes for future polls

Phil Woolas, the shadow immigration minister, faces being ejected from parliament after a court ruled today that he had breached election laws by falsely claiming his Liberal Democrat opponent had "wooed" extremist Muslims in the run-up to the 6 May poll.

For the first time in 99 years a specially convened election court has overturned the result of a parliamentary poll and ordered a rerun after two high court judges ruled the result of the Oldham East poll void. They upheld the claim by Elwyn Watkins that Woolas knowingly made false statements.


By Shamim Miah

Islamophobia, or anti-Muslim prejudice, is increasingly becoming a dominant feature of public discourse and the Muslim collective experience in the UK and the rest of Europe.

In Europe Islamophobia is channelled through draconian policies which have resulted in restrictions on the public display of Islam; as in the case of France with the hijab and veil ban and the banning of building of minarets in Switzerland.

There have also been a number of populist far-right groups such as Geert Wilders Party of Freedom in the Netherlands. This party has called for the banning of the Quran. In the UK, demonisation of Islam and Muslims has led to the emergence of the English Defence League.

US mid term elections 2010

Anyone keeping an eye on these?

It looks like the Democrats will lose the houce while the Senate will be neck and neck.

Either loss is potentially bad news for Obama. Or it could be good news if the Republicans stop stalling in legislation as they have been in the past two years.

There is also a question of how often elections are in America - someone mentioned how AMerica was suffering from "too much democracy" where campaigning for the Mid Terms sort of started before Obama had even got into office, and as soon as these are over, campaigning will start for the presidential elections in 2 years time.

That leaves very little time to get on with legislation without posturing for position.

What can the Con Dem alliance do for you?

Well, ladies and Gentlemen, we are ina new era. One where we have a coalition government. and the sky is faaling. Faaaalling.

But thinking back a bit, I remember thinking that the outcome of the elections would not be all that bad no matter who won.

So lets see what the Con Dem alliance can do for us, the citizens.

  1. Repeal plans for compulsory ID cards.
  2. Repeal the Digital Economy Bill.
  3. During the process of neutering the BBC and Ofcom that the conservatives probably promised to Monseur Murdoch, it could turn it into a fighting force - a fighting force that requires less of a tv licence fee.

Lets get Political

After the bombshell that , lets just see if I can summarise a few things.

Let me be upfront about something though - the issues I highlight below are issues I probably ignored when casting my vote. I could not overlook that the current incumbent voted for the Iraq war.

Past Record

While David Cameron keeps bleeting on about 13 years of Labour waste, he is simply wrong and relying on people to not remember things from what 1997 was like.

Are politicians leaders or advocates?

Yesterday I decided to put up an announcement for The Revival Magazine issue 15 onto Ummah Forums and came across a topic on women leaders.

Putting aside the history, such as hadhrat Aaisha siddeeqa (ra) playing many leading roles through her life, I have another question - are politicians leaders or advocates? Surely only the ojes in cabinet are leaders in anysort of way?

An elected politician does not rule his/her constituents, but merely represent them.

The Big Debate: Are They Gonna Kick Us Out?

Naheem Zaffar & Irfan Jalil

Anti-Muslim prejudice is rising across Europe. There are calls for bans on Muslim immigration, bans on the construction of mosques and a ban on women wearing the veil. France has already barred Muslim girls from wearing the hijab in school and Switzerland has banned the construction of minarets.

In Britain, the British National Party is gaining greater prominence. It calls Islam a “wicked and vicious faith” and its leader, Nick Griffin, is set to become an MP in the next general election.

What does all this mean for the millions of Muslims in Britain and Europe. Should we be scared for our future in Britain and Europe? Naheem Zaffar says YES. He argues that Europe is on the brink of repeating the mistakes of history by allowing far-right parties to gain power. Irfan Jalil says NO. He argues that the far-right can only gain power if we fail to engage politically.

George Carey isn't helping

wants to limit immigration in order to protect this country’s Christian heritage and restrain the far right. Yet it is his jaundiced view of the state of this country that gives comfort and succour to the bigots and racists.

Rather than looking honestly at issues of integration, extremism and community cohesion, he repeats misconceptions about immigrants and yearns for an unattainable, simpler, imagined past. It is his prescription of curbs on immigration, curbs on the rights of immigrants, curbs on the expression of immigrant culture, and, crucially, limits on population size that will help not hinder the nightmare future of a Britain ruled by dogmatic extremists.