What can the Con Dem alliance do for you?

Well, ladies and Gentlemen, we are ina new era. One where we have a coalition government. and the sky is faaling. Faaaalling.

But thinking back a bit, I remember thinking that the outcome of the elections would not be all that bad no matter who won.

So lets see what the Con Dem alliance can do for us, the citizens.

  1. Repeal plans for compulsory ID cards.
  2. Repeal the Digital Economy Bill.
  3. During the process of neutering the BBC and Ofcom that the conservatives probably promised to Monseur Murdoch, it could turn it into a fighting force - a fighting force that requires less of a tv licence fee.
  4. Allow the Labour party to reinvigorate itself and make touch with the ordinary people - it had been in power a long time and it had betrayed many people. It now has a chance of a "new beginning", one where it listens to the people and does not go into aggressivewarfare without just cause.
  5. Unlikely, but get the MPs who plays the racial cards such as Kim Fitzpatrick and Phil Woolas unelected when there is a new election.

So, let there be sunshine.