False UKIP headlines

The local elections are being broadcast as a real breakthrough for UKIP.

Out of approximately 3,500 contested council seats, so far they have gained around 150.

That is 4%.

They are expected to do way better in the EU elections, but their achievements in the Local elections shouldn't be over stated.

Another interesting tidbit is that UKIP have made no headway in London. I suspect that this is because London is actually multicultural and the people dont mind, whereas places with less immigrants have more fears about mlticulturalism and immigration.

Saying that though, their rise is another sign of the tides of racist britain.

Bangladesh hangs Abdul Kader Mullah of the Jamaat-e-Islami party for war crimes during independence

Big news from bangladesh today: they have executed someone! (link to BBC News article).

Abdul Kader Mullah was a senior leader in the Jamaat-e-islami party which back at the time of independence in fought for unity against independence... and lost. For context, tThe current PM calls the guy who led the independence movement daddy (and the former PM and leader of the opposition calls the man who executed him daddy).

Either way, there was never any process to reconcile the different factions in Bangladesh following independence, and everything was sort of hoofed away as there were many immediate issues to deal with straight away followed by many political upheavals and political coups.

OMG, Have you heard what Tommy has done?!

For people who've been keeping up with news, :O What do you make of it? Share your opinions, I'd like to know what you have to say!

Personally, I had the shock of my life! In all honesty, I feel like this move has been well thought out. I'm not going to buy into it and I assume that the underlying reason behind his actions are to encourage others to think that he is the "good guy" with a "good cause".

It's about time he realised that organising marches and demonstrations were very pointless and didn't achieve anything at all, except for a good day out in the sun. I'm glad in some ways, but this isn't an end to all the racism, hatred and islamophobia. It will go on, trust me!

Kashmir- The Forgotten Tragedy

Sajid Iqbal speaks to Shams Rehman, author of 'Azaad Kashmir and British Kashmiris'

Since the partition of the Indian subcontinent in 1947, the region of Kashmir has been disputed by India and Pakistan. Not surprisingly, it remains a contentious issue for many Muslims in the UK, the majority of whom can trace their origins to Pakistan-administered Kashmir.

‘Azad Kashmir and British Kashmiris’ is a collection of articles on different aspects of Kashmir.  The book introduces the reader to the government, politics, economy, language and religion in this part of the divided Kashmir. It also touches upon some controversial issues and to what extent Azad Kashmir is ‘Azad’, meaning free.

Crimes In The Name Of God

Mark Goodrem

My views on the Woolwich atrocity are exactly the same as the vast majority of the UK population - they are that of utter shock and disgust.  The thought that in this day and age people are STILL carrying out these crimes in the name of religion and their “God” is just beyond belief and to this day I still refuse to believe that any religion would sanction this.

I personally believe that this is used as an excuse in today’s society and a way of trying to justify what has been done and what people plan to do. I challenge anyone to read any religious scriptures and highlight where in those pages, it tells you to carry out these crimes in the name of God.

Editorial: What Have We Learnt From Woolwich?

Sajid Iqbal

Just when you thought terror and extremism in the name of religion in Britain had finally died down, it reared its ugly head in Woolwich, which shocked and disgusted the nation. Two crackpots committing a horrific murder happened to be Muslims and apparently did this barbaric act in the name of Islam.

The days when Britain nearly went teetotal

I'm not sure if many other people picked up on this, but there was a point when there was almost a massive crackdown on alcohol in the UK.

It wasnt in 1909. It was in 2013.

If it was successful alcohol would have been treater closer to how cigarettes are treated (so not really a ban and the Britain wouldn't have gone teetotal, but its a good title).

It was back in around March of this year when the there was a call for all advertising of alcohol to be banned, and the products have a mimimum price to push up prices.

The day that the future hung in the balance

Two important polls going on today:


1. Greece.

The people are voting again after the last elections 6 weeks ago proved inconclusive.

The results could decide whether greece stays in the Euro, the EU both, either or none.

Very important european election where there are no guarantees and this could be the first nation to leave the eurozone and that is an unknown as the euro was not built for anyone to leave it ever. Questions exist if it could survive a state leaving and also how bad or good this would be for Greece.


2. Egypt.

It's the run off presidential elections the week after the old remnants have been making themselves felt.

Egypt: Disolving the Revolution

The supreme court has called last years parliamentary elections unconstitutional and has also ruled thata former Prime Minister under Mubarak who was legally barred from being president could take part in the upcoming run off presidential elections that will take place this weekend.

This may hand all power (all instead of the 99% that it holds now) back to the military and once again lead the country to a place it is lead by people it doesnt want to be lead by.

Something to keep an eye on.

Gorgeous George strikes again (but who represents us?)

Yup, he's done it again. George Galloway is back, having won a by-election in Bradford of all places.

The usual people are all frothing at the mouth, calling him an opportunist and worse.

He also beat a Muslim candidate who should have comfortably won as he was for the party who had comfortably held the seat until George Galloway announced that he will stand.

But all this is still good news.

Not only is George Galloway a man of conviction, the other parties have failed us.


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