The year that was: 2007

By Irfan Jalil

This article never made it into issue 11 due to space concerns. It is now available as an extra bonus for our online readers.

So, what events affected Muslims in 2007? No, the Danish cartoons were 2006. So was Jack Straw's niqaab hoo-ha. If you think the only thing that happened in 2007 was Benazir Bhutto's assassination then you really haven't been keeping up with news, have you?

Crisis in Iraq

Crisis? When is Iraq not in crisis?

Well the current surge in violence is a little different.

You see the "Iraqi security forces" (read: Badr Brigades belonging to the SIIC, supported to some degree by both the US and Iran) are trying to root out violent criminals (read the Mahdy Army of one Mr Sadr. Which has been on ceasefire since last summer - something which has been attributed with the recent reduction in violence) out of Basra.

This is being handled personally by Prime Minister Nouri al Maliki. His game? Well, I will leave it to another article:

Blame It On The Media!

By Irfan Jalil

"The media" eh? God bless it. It's normally a popular subject at the sheesha joints. We can blame it for all the ills of the world.

We'd love to have a good old bash, but someone realised that we, "The Revival", are part of the media too. The magazine. The website. The interviews. It's all a part of the media. So we toned it all down and decided to concentrate on other media outlets.

The media has a strong influence on public opinion. It provides not only information but ways of looking at the world. It informs and influences. Issues about Muslims are very often shaped by the media.

All Eyes on Me

Muslim woman using her iphone

Muslim woman using her iphone
Muslim woman using her iphone
Hafsah bint Sayeed al Awlaqi

I would never have thought a piece of cloth could cause so much fuss. But Jack Straw decides to pull a publicity stunt, Holland does away with the Human Right’s Act, and the next thing you know, pictures of veiled women are plastered across the front pages of almost every newspaper in England.

Issue 6: Turkey Of The Month!

By Irfan Jalil

This issue of the Revival has had the displeasure of having to sift through numerous candidates for the un-coveted prize of Turkey of the Month.

First off was the farcical raid by Sir Ian ‘Turkey’ Blair’s Metropolitan police on the home of two Muslim bothers and their family. 250 anti-terrorist officers in full protective gear and guns to boot forced themselves into a single terraced house looking for a chemical suicide-vest-type bomb.

Why Vote, and Who To Vote For?

Haitham Al-Haddad

With the Name of Allah, and in Him we seek assistance, and the praise is due to Allah, Lord of the Worlds. I testify that there is no deity worthy of worship besides Allah alone, without any associate, and there is nothing comparable to Him. And I testify that Muhammad is His servant and final Messenger.

In the current climate, many brothers and sisters in Britain have become preoccupied with the issue of the coming elections and debating the question of whether Muslims are allowed to vote and which party is most deserving of our vote. In reply, I would like to present the following clarification and advice.

The Revival Tells Tony How It Is!

Manchester University student Hayder Khan, member of 'The Revival' Editorial Team, was invited to a consultation with Prime Minister Tony Blair. Here, he gives his personal account of what went on:

‘You have an opportunity to communicate directly with the Prime Minister’ said the letter from 10 Downing Street. ‘A consultation with young Muslims in the UK’ it said. Wohooo!

Turkey(s) of the Year 2005

By Naheem Zaffar

Yep, Ladies and Gentlemen. It’s that time of the year again. Time to name and shame. Who are the people who have done the most damage to Islam and Muslims over the past year? The underlying theme this year for our turkeys has always been terror and terrorism.

We’ve had the Right Honourable Charles Clarke, for his heavy-handed anti-terrorism laws, and Sir Ian Blair for his attempted cover-up following the shooting of Brazilian Jean Charles De Menezes. And who can forget the ‘turkifying’ of fanatics who fan and support heinous acts of terrorism and butchery.

The Revival: On the Map!

Zahid Maqbool, Media Spokesman for The Revival has his day in the media spotlight after attending a meeting with Home Office Minister Hazel Blears.

'I am cordially invited to a meeting of the Interfaith forum at the grand location of the council chambers in Oldham.' That’s what my email invite says.

What The Heck Has Politics Got To Do With Islam?

By Irfan Jalil and Sajid Iqbal

You're probably thinking what the heck has politics got to do with Islam? I know, you're thinking Islam is a religion and has nowt to do with politics. You've always been told Islam is about worship, prayer, fasting, obeying God, being good and other nice and fluffy things.

Well you know what, if that's your understanding of Islam then you're in for the shock of your life.