"The people of Israel have the right to live without constant fear for their security"

After Israel's ongoing attacks on Gaza, the British foreign secretary Mr William Hague released a statement on tuesday 9 July 2014. Mostly condemning the Palestinians.

The bit of his statement that caught my eye was the following:

"The people of Israel have the right to live without constant fear for their security"

No they don't.

Not until they give the same reciprocal right to their neighbours and their ocuppied.

Israelis do not have an automatic right to safety and security as long as the Palestinians are occupied and oppressed by them.

Israelis do not have the right to live without constant fear for their security until they give security to the Palestinians.

Bodies of 3 Israeli teenagers missing from the West Bank found

It looks like the worst has been confirmed - 3 bodies have been found in the West Bank near the city of Hebron. They are suspected to be of the 3 missing Israeli teenagers.

At this moment we do not know who killed them or how they died, but their families must be devastated and the humanity in all of us feels their loss. The people in their kidnap/murder should be treatd as criminals (and I have not come across any evidence that this is definitely by Palestinians - there could be a nutty settler with an axe to grind or who is mentally unhinged...)

However this can also lead to a bigger catastrophe for the Palestinians.

One day Israel will have to pay...

...but right now the Muslim world needs to sort its act out.

The whole of North Africa, Syria, Iraq, Bahrain and the rest need to fix themselves first. That may be less "romantic" and less popular with the sloganeers, but you can't build a house on sand.

For those not following the not-broadcast news - Israel has been pummelling the Palestinians recently, "searching for" 3 settler teenagers who may or may not have been kidnapped while hitchhiking. Netanyahu has naturally blamed Hamas and Fatah has complied with its masters in closing sections of the West Bank off so that Israeli's can search for the missing teenagers.

CCTV Video footage catches the IDF murder two unarmed, non threatening children.

I try to avoid making topics about Israel because the wider Muslim world is in conflict and Israel can be dealt with once the rest is sorted out.

But this event isnt something "minor" like demolishing houses, harrasment or exclusion. It is murder of children. You can watch the cold blooded murder in the video available on

*Disturbing* Harassment and interrogation at Ben Gurion airport

I wasn't sure whether I should make this into a blog or a forum post, mainly because I haven't differentiated between the two entirely but also because blogs seem a little bit more personal. I use them for things that affect me or have affected me in some way or another and I use forums for news related items. 

Before you proceed if you are a little child, then perhaps you shouldn't read this. Come back here when you grow up and mature a little and understand that the most cruelest of things do happen. They are real. They're usually unheard of until someone brave speaks up and speaks of their stories.

McDonalds Israel's boycott of Israeli Settlements.

I did not know that McDonalds had a policy to not open stores on lands taken by settlements outside Israel's 1967 borders. Apparently it does.

Not only that "Padan, chief executive of McDonald's Israel, was a founding member of Peace Now, the anti-settlement organisation".