One day Israel will have to pay...

...but right now the Muslim world needs to sort its act out.

The whole of North Africa, Syria, Iraq, Bahrain and the rest need to fix themselves first. That may be less "romantic" and less popular with the sloganeers, but you can't build a house on sand.

For those not following the not-broadcast news - Israel has been pummelling the Palestinians recently, "searching for" 3 settler teenagers who may or may not have been kidnapped while hitchhiking. Netanyahu has naturally blamed Hamas and Fatah has complied with its masters in closing sections of the West Bank off so that Israeli's can search for the missing teenagers.

At the same time, they have been arresting anyone linked to Hamas (retaliation for Hamas and Fatah deciding to go for unity over conflict), have killed more people and have bombarded Gaza just-for-the-sake-of-it (the missing were in the West Bank, an area separated from Gaza).

There was also an attempt to gain twitter sympathy for the missing teenagers with the hashtag "#BringBackOurBoys" and solidarity on facebook with a popular page which demanded an execution of a Palestinian every hour until the boys were found. When reported, Facebook didn't think there was anything wrong with the page...

One day soon there will be a reckoning for Israel.

But before then there is Chaos in the wider Muslim world that needs to be dealt with. ISIS have allied themselves with sunni rebels and captures half of Iraq and bits of Syria. It will be interesting to see how this goes - the Sunni rebels may have genuine issues, but ISIS is infamous for not tolerating anyone but itself. It will turn on the other groups like a viper.

Some reports suggest this has already happened on a small scale at the weekend when 17 members of a rival group were executed for not handing over their weapons, but right now they are busy with other enemies. Even without infighting, the conflict has resulted in over a thousand deaths in the past month.

Going further afield, Libya is in constant chaos and recently a former CIA-linked general has turned his weapons on Parliament, blaming it of being Islamist linked.

Following the coup in Egype when President Morsi tried to do too much too quickly, the witchunt continues with mass arrests, mass convictions at trials and general chaos.

Even Turkey isn't at its best right now with chaos having been created over the past year since the Gezi protests and the war between the Gulen Movement and the government where the Gulen movement has caused much damage through leaks of secrets, recordings, many of which are not real.

More damagingly, it was found that equipment had previously been tampered which which meant that the internet was used to obtain the leaks - the equipment would email the files automatically to specific email addresses. As we now know, anything on the internet is already in the hands of the NSA, GCHQ and probably countless other intelligence agencies.

All of that needs to be sorted out and by the end if Israel still behaves the way it does now, it will need to be dealt with. It's the long game.