McDonalds Israel's boycott of Israeli Settlements.

Saw that on fb the day this was posted. Does mcdies donate money to israel or nt? I swear they do...

People on fb were sayibg how this is just a move to keep middle east happy as they got lots of business there.

Is it true? Is it kind? Is it necessary?

Who knows?

I went to buy McFlurry and a cone yesterday and it was on the brink of finishing. I received milk, not ice cream. Sad

But the funny thing was, in the 15 minutes i spent waiting on the side for the machine to work - A man said to his friend that another of his friends said to a girl - You have too much Aaatta (flour) on your face. xD


if someone knows whether Mcdonals gives money to Israel or not please let us know here. i've always thought they did.

Is it true? Is it kind? Is it necessary?

Yes, they held a "trial" period on some locations where there was a muslim majority.


The even had the "HFA Approved" sticker on some of their windows.


Pretty decieving idea, they marketed the fact that they were holding Halal food trials to get muslims coming in, but didnt notify them when they took it off. Thus decieving the muslim public into thinking they were still serving Halal, when they were not.