News Reports: Tesco to announce MASSIVE losses

I do not know how much this is linked to the boycott, but I hope Tesco takes heed and changes its ways.

Tesco will guarantee itself an unwanted place in UK corporate history on Wednesday when it unveils an annual loss of well over £5bn, one of the biggest ever reported by a British company.

Sky News has learnt that the UK's biggest retailer will announce that statutory pre-tax losses were significantly above £5bn - a figure which represents the most 'pessimistic of market expectations.


Do you still BDS?

Yes, everything I can
50% (2 votes)
Yes, but targetting specific products
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Sometimes, infront of my friends
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BDS? Wasnt Gaza so last year?
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Ive jumped on another bandwagon instead
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I never did take part
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McDonalds Israel's boycott of Israeli Settlements.

I did not know that McDonalds had a policy to not open stores on lands taken by settlements outside Israel's 1967 borders. Apparently it does.

Not only that "Padan, chief executive of McDonald's Israel, was a founding member of Peace Now, the anti-settlement organisation".