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Consider Geneva pact, Israel told
The Israeli justice ministry has recommended that the government should consider applying the Fourth Geneva Convention to the West Bank and Gaza.

Israel plans to expand settlement
It has emerged that Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon has given the go-ahead for 600 new homes in the largest Jewish settlement in the West Bank.

UN Demands Israel Dismantle Separation Wall
The UN General Assembly demanded Israel Tuesday night, July 20, to abide by the International Court of Justice's ruling and tear down the separation wall, but Tel Aviv defiantly pledged to pursue the construction.

"A great day for Palestine and a great day for all those who believe in international law."

Israel Drives 1064 Palestinians Homeless In Rafah – U.N.
The Israeli occupation army flattened more than a hundred Palestinian houses in a two-day demolition spree in the southern Gaza Strip town of Rafah, driving over 1,000 Palestinians homeless.

Israeli Ruling To Destroy Rafah Homes Illegal - Experts
The Israeli Supreme Court's rejection of a Palestinian appeal against the occupation army's plan to destroy hundreds more homes in Rafah is not only illegal, but also a repeated condoning of war crimes against the Palestinians

By endorsing Ariel Sharon's plan George Bush has legitimised terrorism
What better recruiting sergeant could Bin Laden have than the President of the United States?

World Slams Rantissi Killing, U.S. Defends
The whole world slammed Israel for its extrajudicial execution of newly-appointed Hamas leader Rantissi, with the European Union dubbing it "unlawful and provocative". Washington, however, defended Israel...

Palestinians urge world to challenge Bush policy
Furious Palestinians tried to rally the world today against US president George W. Bush's decision to break with longtime US and international policy to say Israel could keep parts of the West Bank captured in war.

Bush policy shift Blow to Mideast Peace: American Press
President George W. Bush's support of Israel's claim to some of the Palestinian land occupied after the 1967 war would undermine peace prospects and infuriate Arabs and Muslims, leading U.S. dailies warne

Sharon's flawed plan USA Today
Bush not only backed Sharon's plan to pull 7,500 Israeli settlers from the Gaza Strip and hand it over to Palestinians , but also suggested Israel could keep part of the West Bank in a final agreement.

The Revival strongly condemns in the strongest terms Israel's criminal assassination of Shaykh Ahmad Isma'il Yasin, Founder and Leader of Hamas.

US Complicity in Israel's Misdeeds
by Charley Reese
The murder of Hamas' spiritual leader, Sheik Yassin, makes perfect sense as long as you understand Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon's strategy. That strategy is to make peace impossible......
An Occupation by Any Other Name
by Charley Reese
U.S. policy toward the most destabilizing factor in the Middle East – the Israeli-Palestinian conflict – is to support Israel and to never offend the Israeli lobby.

The history of palestine
A semi-comprehensive look at the history of this region from the prehistoric era through to the current occupation by Israel

Islam & Palestine
A look at the importance of Palestine and tis islamic significance, with a brief history and the look for a solution to the current situation

The Story Of Palestine
A look at recent Palestinian history from the creation of Israel 'til now, A struggle for survival against the Colonial settlement project.

Robert Fisk: When journalists refuse to tell the truth
What if we had supported the apartheid regime of South Africa against the majority black population? What if we had lauded the South African white leadership as "hard-line warriors" rather than racists?

Who are the victims here?
The death toll in the Middle East is overwhelmingly Palestinian, yet Israelis play the injured party. Islamic activist Wahida Valiante wants a reality check.

Israel's Milosevic?
Israel has chose Ariel Sharon as prime minister, for left-leaning Israelis, a Sharon victory has brought an end to the peace process. For his supporters, only a tough ex-general can deliver a lasting deal.

Sharon: a peaceful leader?
Being faced with the reality that they must restore Palestinian rights, Israel has opted to hide behind a warmonger, whose life-long career has been stained, over and over again, with Palestinian blood.

'Restraint' strikes fear into Palestinians' hearts
Whenever the Israeli prime minister announces that he has thought carefully about the situation and has decided to continue his policy of restraint - as he did yesterday - we can be sure that some new and horrifying offensive will follow within hours.

The biased reporting that makes killing acceptable
When CNN's Cairo bureau chief, Ben Wedeman, was shot in a gun battle in Gaza last month, I waited to hear how his employers would handle the story.

Fifty Years of Suffering in Silence
Which country in the Middle East has nuclear weapons, refuses to sign the nuclear non-proliferation treaty, invaded and occupied other nations' territories, created hundreds of thousands of refugees and refuses to let them return, engages in ethnic cleansing, legalized torture and mass punishment on civilians,

12 Conventional Lies
12 'Truth's' in this conflict are exposed. Popular arguments made by Israeli sympathisers disected.

As the media keeps us busy with reports on cease-fire, peace initiatives, and 'reduction of violence', Israeli crimes in the occupied territories continue undisturbed. To understand the extent of these daily crimes we should look at the injuries, not just at the rapidly growing number of dead.

Palestine: present and clear reality
Israel's leaders are clearly determined to do what they have always done, which is to make life impossible for this unjustly suffering people, and Sharon knows no limits to what he is willing to do

Demolishing a house is a sin against civilisation
DID YOU KNOW: Since 1967, Israel has demolished more than 7000 Palestinian homes in the West Bank, East Jerusalem and Gaza, leaving some 40,000 people homeless.

U.S. Aid to Israel
Unquestionably, Israel is the largest cumulative recipient of U.S. aid since World War II. Estimates for total U.S. aid to Israel vary, however, because of the uncertainties and ambiguities...

Death in Bethlehem, made in America
Nothing to do with us, say US manufacturers of weapons inflicting random death on Palestinians

Zionist plot to destroy Alaqsa Mosque
No Israeli political leader has spoken out against the assaults on the Mosque, holy to a billion Muslims around the world. Moreover, no Israeli rabbi has condemned them. Indeed, beginning in 1967, many of the assaults were led by Jewish rabbis.

Facts and Figures on the Ongoing Palestinian Intifada
Israel launches deadly strikes in Gaza
'Israel executing children'
UN forum upholds Palestinian right to statehood
Palestinians not recruiting youth to fight, activists tell Mideast meeting

Ethnic cleansing in the Occupied Palestinian Territories

Arabs Mark Land Day With Protests
Zionist sharpshooters shoot two-year old Gaza child in the head
Danish FM calls for sanctions against Israel
Zionist helicopter gunships bombard Palestinian cities in Gaza
Hezbollah says it is ready to wage war against Sharon
Israel launches deadly attacks on Palestinians

Rights groups slam Israel over excessive violence
Israel holding 100 Palestinian children in inhumane conditions
News updates from Palestine Media Center

Palestinian family says Jewish settlers stone Arab child to death
Israeli closure will not work, says UK
Sharon seeks to convince Bush to support apartheid in the West Bank

Protests Scheduled During Ariel Sharon's Visit to US
Israeli Stun Grenade Burns Palestinian Children

Zionist occupation army over runs village
Another Palestinian dies under Zionist occupation
Zionist army tightens siege in Palestinian towns

Arabs appeal for protection force for Palestinians
Sharon Legalises Torture
Palestinians seek urgent UN action
Israeli soldiers kill 9 year old 14 Year-old executed
One Bloody Day In Palestine
Shoot to Kill
Palestinian woman has baby in cab after soldiers block movement



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