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Facing Hostility, Two Thirds Of Muslims Consider Leaving UK
Nearly half a million Muslims contemplated leaving Britain after the London terrorist attacks, with one in five saying they or a family member have faced abuse or hostility since the attacks...

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UK Muslims Feel 'Under Suspicion'
Senior members of the UK's Muslim community have voiced fears the London bombing hunt is making innocent people feel they are under suspicion.

British Muslims Fearful After Police Killing
British Muslims have expressed their dismay at the mistaken killing of an innocent man by "overzealous" plainclothes police in their massive manhunt for four suspected bombers.

Bosnian grief, Western regret at Srebrenica
Families grieved over the skeletal remains of Srebrenica victims on Monday at the 10th anniversary of the massacre, as the West acknowledged its failure to prevent Europe's worst atrocity in 50 years...

Fundamentalism is often a form of nationalism in religious disguise
Rhetoric is a powerful weapon in any conflict. We cannot hope to convert Osama bin Laden from his vicious ideology; our priority must be to stem the flow of young people into organisations such as al-Qaida

Muslim leaders join condemnation
Muslim leaders have condemned the attacks on London

Muslim Scholars, Countries Condemn London Bombings
The deadly attacks that rocked London earlier Thursday, July 7, drew condemnation from scholars, officials and even individuals from across the Muslim world.

Guantánamo – An Icon Of Lawlessness
Imagine this: Hundreds of US nationals are picked up around the world by a foreign government fighting a "war for national security".

13 arrested in UK terror raids
Thirteen men have been arrested by British police on suspicion of being involved in terrorist activities, and homes are being searched in four locations, Scotland Yard has announced.

THE REVIVAL CONDEMNS THE TERRORIST ATTACKS IN MADRID: 'A totally barbaric and in-humane attack on innocent people'
The Revival condemns the terrorist attacks in the Spanish capital Madrid that lead to the death of almost 200 people and the injury of 1500. It was a totally barbaric and in-humane attack on innocent people.

TheTerrorist attacks on the US By Hamza Yusuf
Religious zealots of any creed are defeated people who lash out in desperation, and they often do horrific things. And if these people indeed are Arabs, Muslims, they're obviously very sick people...

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