Marriage In Islam - All you need to know

The Mindless Dating Game: Happiness or Heartbreak
Many unmarried people these days search for “love” in a series of premarital relationships, which far from yielding happiness, lead to nothing but spiritual degeneration, loss of self-respect, heartache and misery.

What Every Teenager Needs to Know about sexuality
Everywhere in this society, sex, and sexuality are openly displayed for all to see. In this climate of free sex and loose moral standards, it becomes imperative for Muslim parents to be proactive in the sexual education of their children. Sexual education is a phrase that is taboo for many Muslims. By Alia Amer

Pointers on Choosing Marriage Partners
In light of the experience of the past years, it is time to take stock and try to halt the ever-mounting tide of divorces among Muslims. It is not unusual today to find Muslim women (and even an occasional Muslim man) who, by the time they are 30 or 35, have been married three or four times. By Rabi'ah Hakeem

Questions to Ask a Prospective Marriage Partner
Derived from Bent Rib: A Journey through Women’s issues in Islam
by Huda al-Khattab. Compiled by Chloe Chaudhry

The following questions are offered in the interest of helping Muslims to think through issues important to marriage...

Al-Nikah: the Islamic Marriage Ceremony
The following article describes in a simple and clear manner the requirements and method of the Islamic marriage ceremony. Mohammad Mazhar Hussaini

Wedding in Islam
An informative article on what an Islamic wedding is all about. By Mir Mohammed Assadullah

Marriage In Islam
Part One of a three part series looking at all aspects of marriage. This part looks at marriage; its role, the rules, the rights and duties of both the husband the wife. Hussein Khalid Al-Hussein, Ph.D.

Marital Etiquette
Part Two of this series looks at marital relations. After marriage what are the ettiquettes of the spouse? what are the responsibilities? This part deals with the relationship between the husband and the wife. Hussein Khalid Al-Hussein, Ph.D.

Marriage Dissolution
Part three of this series looks at divorce. Any discussion of marital relationships in Islam, should mention the laws of divorce, since marriage and divorce are strongly related. It is also important to study the other forms of marriage dissolution besides divorce that are mentioned in the Qur'an and Hadith. Hussein Khalid Al-Hussein, Ph.D.

How to Make Your Wife Happy
A great article on how to behave as a perfect husband and therefore making your wife happy. Some great tips and advice. By Sheikh Mohammed Abdelhaleem Hamed

How to Make Your Husband Happy
Another great article on how to behave as a perfect wife and therefore making your husband happy and having a succesful marriage. Muslim sisters can take alot of advice and support from this article. By Sheikh Mohammed Abdelhaleem Hamed

What is a Husband?
Guidelines for the Husband in Interacting with his Wife

A Wife
By getting married you are not just getting a wife, you are getting your whole world. From now until the rest of your days your wife will be your partner, your companion, and your best friend. A lecture by Sheikh Abdullah Adhami