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Muslim scholars on voting
15 Islamic Scholars from across the world clearly state that voting in a non-Muslim country is permissible and totally allowed in Shariah.

Is Voting Permitted in Islam?
Every year in England, we the Muslims are split on the issue of: “whether it is permissible or not to vote for man made laws” I ask this question as to whether it is permissible to vote for other then Allah’s laws, and does this lead to taghoot or shirk?
Are we only allowed to follow the shariah? The main argument is weather or not we are allowed to participate in this voting process?

A Case for Muslim Political Participation
by Dr. M. Amir Ali, Ph.D.
I do not know how many young people are being misled by the Hizb who is playing with their youthful emotions. I see a lot of emotional extremism from those who fall into the hands of the Hizb. I had been thinking about writing an article on this topic for a long time and so here it is.

Elections And Muslims - An Islamic Perspective
Can we vote in Islam? I am abit concern that I may be voting for non-muslims and they are going to implement un-islamic law ... My argument is that we all will be voting for non-muslims who dont represent us, also they will implement laws like abortion, prostitution also alowing alcohol. So is voting alowed?

Why Muslims Should Vote and Be Involved Politically
By Dr.Anwar Hajjaj, President of the American Islamic Information Center
Muslims Should Be Active Wherever We Are. When we as Muslims unite as a community, our chances of being heard regarding the issues that are relevant and important to us are far more significant than when a small number of us are trying to make a difference.

An Advice To British Muslims Regarding The Coming Elections
Many Muslims in Britain have become preoccupied with the issue of the coming elections and debating the question of whether Muslims are allowed to vote and which party is most deserving of our vote.

Muslims told not to vote for Labour
Tony Blair's hopes of patching up relations with the Muslim community have been dealt a fresh blow by a leading Islamic organisation which is urging its members not to vote Labour at next week's European elections.

The Collective Approach
An eye-opening article on the practical solutions to the economic uplift of the Muslim countries

JIHAD: - A Misunderstood Concept from Islam
It cannot be over-emphasized that Islam upholds the values of reason, balance and responsibility in the conduct of its worldly affairs. There is nothing arbitrary about its legal provisions relating to matters of war, peace, international relationships and the rule of law.

The True Concept Of Khilafah
What is the Khilafah? How does it work? Who heads it? how? A comprehensive look at all aspects of the Khilafah that should clear the misconceptions surrounding this issue.

Dr. Muhammad Tahir-ul-Qadri
looks at the subject of politics, and deals with the issues which arise due to it. It also explains how the Islamic system can deal with problems facing modern society.

The Constitution of Islamic State of Madina
An abstract from a book “Constitutional Analysis of the constitution of Madina” written by Dr. Muhammad Tahir-ul-Qadri

Muslims Living in Non-Muslim LandsBy Shaykh Abdullah bin Bayyah
An edited transcript of the talk, translated by, Shaykh Hamza Yusuf, At times, Shaykh Hamza added some of his own comments and explanations. These appear inside brackets in the text.

Islam Is Not The Source Of Terrorism, But Its Solution
During the last two decades, the concept of "Islamic terror" has been often discussed. In the wake of the September 11 terrorist attacks on targets in New York and Washington this concept has once again returned to the top of the international agenda.

Reasons why the terrorist attrocities of 9/11 are totally unislamic.

From April to July 2001, the northern English towns of Oldham, Burnley and Bradford saw violent confrontations between young Asians and the police, culminating in the clashes of 7–9 July in Bradford in which 200 police officers were injured.

British Terrorism Act: A Crusade Against Islam?
On the 19th of February 2001 the British Government issued a new law of terrorism, which is aimed at Muslims and Islamic Movements and their activities.

Canadian Terrorism Act Raises concern from NGO Leaders
The federal government is set to introduce legislation that would strip charitable status from groups proven to be fund-raisers for international terrorist organizations.