Dialogue Between Osama And Saddam



Osama: What is Tauhid?

Saddam: of course I know this one…… it's to believe in one God

Osama: Actually you're wrong

Saddam: Wwwwwwwwwhat!!!! Come on, every one knows that Tauhid means to believe in one God…..don't try to trick me this time.

Osama: Brother, some jews believe in one god, so are they Muslims?

Saddam: oh, aaaaah, uuuuu. Ok, you've got me again.

Osama: You see, merely believing in one god is not Tauhid, but is known as "Wahdah".

Saddam: Wha Da?

Osama: "Whahdah"

Saddam: I see, so what's the definition of Tauhid then?

Osama Tauhid is to believe in the prophethood of the last Prophet Muhammad (SAW), and then to believe in the one God which he has informed us of.

Saddam: AH HA, yes of course , as the jews don't believe in the prophethood of the Holy Prophet Muhammad (SAW), so even if they believe in one god, they do not have the belief of Tauhid.

Osama: You're right there. This concept is given by the Holy Quran as the first verse of Sura Ikhlas/Tauhid is “ Say (Oh Muhammad SAW) He is Allah the one”(112:1)


Osama: OK, then Einstein, tell me what's Shirk (polytheism)?

Saddam: Poly-whatsit ??? I can tell you what shirk is man, that’s if you worship anyone other than Allah, it's shirk.

Osama: well to put it simpler, if you break any of the rules of Tauhid, then shirk is committed.

Saddam: Other than worshipping any thing other than Allah (SWT), what else is shirk?

Osama: There are some actions and attributes (qualities) of Allah (SWT) which are specific to him.

Saddam: What does that mean?

Osama: What that means, Einstein!, is that, for instance, creating the universe is an action of Allah (SWT) nobody else can be a partner to this action. If any one has the belief that some one other than Allah(SWT) created this universe, then it would be shirk.

Saddam: I see. So how can there be actions and attributes which are common between Allah (SWT) and his creation. I don't get that.

Osama: It's quite simple really, I'll explain with an example. Allah (SWT) can hear, "Samee'" which means hearer, is one of his attributes, mentioned in verse (Al-Isra 17: 1). But as you know we can also hear….

Saddam: Oh yeh…..

Osama: Infact Allah (SWT) has used the same word "Samee'" to describe the humans hearing, in verse (Al-Insan 76:2 ).

Saddam: yes but what's the difference between Allah(SWT) and the creation regarding these common attributes?

Osama: Good question. Of course there is a great difference. In these common attributes Allah(SWT) is the owner of these attributes.

Saddam: What does that mean?

Osama: What that means is that Allah( SWT) has always had these attributes and will always have them and does not rely on anyone for these attributes.

Saddam: of course

Osama: we on the other hand receive all our powers from Allah(swt), and we totally rely on him for them.

Saddam: Does the Quran mention any other common attributes?

Osama: Yes, many. I'll give you a few. The words "Raoof" and "Raheem", which mean most kind, most merciful are used for Allah( SWT) in verse (Al-Baqarah 2:143). Yet the same words are used for the Holy prophet Muhammad (SAW) in the verse (At-Taubah 9:128).

Saddam: I see. So there's nothing wrong with calling the Holy Prohet( SAW) Raoof and Raheem.

Osama: Of course not. The same rules apply again which is that these attributes apply to Allah(SWT) according to his highest status, and do not have the same meaning when applied upon the Holy Prophet(SAW), as is the rule with all attributes common between Allah( SWT) and his creation.

Saddam: Any more examples of common attributes……

Osama: Yes I'll give you one more. The word "Shaheed" which means witness, is used for Allah(SWT) in verse (Al-Hajj 22:17), yet it is used for the Holy Prophet Muhammad (SAW) in verses (An-Nisa 4 : 41) and (Al-Baqarah 2 : 143). The word "Shahid" which also means witness is used for the Holy Prophet (SAW) in verse (Al-Ahzab 33:45).

Saddam: What is meant by the word witness, I don’t really understand.

Osama: Man, this is The Revival not the encyclopaedia Britannica. I'll explain to you in brief. A witness is someone who is present and sees, other than the words "Shahid" and "Shaheed", the words Hazir (present) and Nazir (one who sees) are also used which have the same meaning.

Saddam: AH HA, so saying that the Holy prophet is Hazir Nazir, is the same as saying the prophet is a witness (Shahid/ Shaheed), as the meaning is the same.

Osama I must say you are getting clever!!!


LOL I guess the names were chosen on purpose. Imagine if you made Ali & Jamal = Osama and Saddam

"How many people find fault in what they're reading and the fault is in their own understanding" Al Mutanabbi