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62 VS 50%

Crowd of people

Crowd of people
Crowd of people

No, this isn't Sparta.

I think that people should sit down and ponder over for a bit.

There are a few remarkable statistics in there.

The first one is that the top 1% are now richer than the rest of the world combined.

Normally in a functioning economy, you would expect it to be closer to the top 20% owning 80% of the wealth, but the world economy has been turned on its head.

Its not just Muslims who struggle with having a unifified date for events

Christians hope to unify the date for easter. The western churches have it often a week earlier than the orthodox church.

(Christmas is a less remembered one, where AFAIK the orthodox church ceebrate it on 6 January).

However, having different dates should not be an issue for disunity - there are accounts from the times of the sahabah of differing locations starting ramadan/eid on different days and this was allowed and not condemned.

"Police, STOP!"

Militarised Police

Militarised Police
Militarised Police

Imagine a scene from any police show. Police officer is outside home of a suspect of some random crime. Suspect sees officer, starts running. Officer give chase, pulls gun. Due to no clear line of sight or presence of others that can be injured, officer heroically decides not to shoot. Story moves along.

How many times have people seen the above without any quesiton of what is actually being displayed?

Granted, this is fictional and not the real police, but it has become normal to expect such behaviour is American copy shows. No one will think that there is something wrong with the actions of the police in the above scenario.

New year plans/resolutions

New Year 2016

New Year 2016
New Year 2016

Well, we are currently about 2.5 months into the new year, but its more traditional to make resolutions based on the gregorian calendar.

I the new year, I plan to live a little more.

Inshallah I will have paid off my current debts by end of Ramadan (which may require not living until then...).

I will probably have new debt by getting a car.

I think I'd enjoy jumping out of a plane.

I can start smoking and then give that up...

I think thats a plan.

Feel to add to this list (either suggestions or your own plans/resolutions)

Website plans for the new year

I am just putting down a few thoughts on future web development for this website.

Over the past year, there have been a number of changes and improvements:

  1. Improved theme
  2. Configurable theming options for a user's own blogs.
  3. Improved front page - changed from a simple blog style to something more detailed in anticipation of changes bringing in more users and more regular content.
  4. "Revival Digest" monthly email giving updates of new content on this site (on hold since 2/3 months because I want to automate the process, but new emails can be sent out when wanted.)
  5. I have just revamped the "Tribune" chat interface to be more convenient on mobile platforms.

For the next year I plan for the improvements to continue.

David Cameron shouldn't be given a mandate to extend war into Syria

Eurofighter Typhoon

Eurofighter Typhoon
The RAF's Eurofighter Typhoon

David Cameron is seeking to extend the UK's bombing campaign of ISIS from Iraq and into Syria.

I will ignore the issues of international law (No Syria invitation, no UN mandate) for the simple reason that international law is a joke and might is often right.

The question is a simple one: should the UK bomb (ISIS in) Syria. The answer is even simpler: No.

A major argument used to support such an idea is a flawed one: By definition any individual attacking people in the UK will not be in Syria.

If that individual was in Syria, at that point in time they wouldnt be a threat to us in the UK.

The use of the attacks in Paris are just a ruse, a useful excuse to push an interventionist policy and one that should be countered.

Even Google are capable of screwing up web design

I used Google+. Mostly because its not personal and I dont have to associate with people.

A lot of technical communities are on there and if you are interested in technology, it is an interesting place.

Yesterday Google announced that they had a funky new redesign that people could opt in to.

I did and it was/is horrible. I have backed out to the old style.

Let's just say that I feel less guilty about all the horrible design decisions I have forced upon others on this site.


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