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Manchester girl, 16, pleads guilty to terror charges

The Anarchist's Cookbook

The Anarchist's Cookbook
The Anarchist's Cookbook

BBC News reports that an unnamed has pled guilty to 2 counts of terrorism charges related to posessing documents that were likely to be of use to a person preparing or committing an act of terrorism.

This is linked to the arrest of a who had previously pleaded guilty to terrorism charges.

Independent Islamic schools in Birmingham top GCSE pile

New figures released ahead of this year's results show that three Muslim schools in the city were among Birmingham's top 20

Independent Islamic schools in Birmingham are proving to be cream of the crop when it comes to GCSE results, new figures have revealed.

As teenagers across Birmingham are due to receive their GCSE results on Thursday, latest Department for Education statistics show that three Muslim schools in the city featured among the top 20 results last summer.

Malcolm X on the Importance of Da'wah

Malcolm X

Malcolm X
Malcolm X

This post is following on from my previous blog post where that had Muslims actually carried out Da'wah in America, people would not have fallen for the lies by Elijah Muhammad.

When Malcolm X went on Hajj and saw the true Islam in its multicultural glory, he also saw that the Muslims were complacent. As someone that had in the past recruited thousands of people, the wheels in his mind were spinning:

LibreOffice / OpenOffice

In the past I have informed people of the existence of free office software that fulfils most people's needs.

At the time, the software was called - a bit of a strange name with the ".org" at the end, but still, easy to find and remember.

What people may not know is that a few years ago the project split - most developers went to a new project called , whiile the official name and a few of the developers went to create a new project called Apache Open Office.

Apache Open Office is the official successor to the original It is also dead.

The difference between Science and religion…

Horsehead Nebula

Horsehead Nebula
Horsehead Nebula

…is that people can be convinced by religion.

You may be surprised by what I have said and it is the opposite of what is often suggested.

A common assertion made by atheists is the supposed scientific basis for their beliefs, and quoting theories such as Occam’s razor. What they do not tell you is that whenever there has been a major scientific discovery, the scientists of that generation often did not accept it. It was only the next generation that would take that information and apply it.

The importance of Da'wah

Malcolm X

Malcolm X
Malcolm X

From Malcolm X's autobiography:

I was later to learn that Elijah Muhammad's tales, like this one of 'Yacub', infuriated the Muslims of the East. While at Mecca, I reminded them that it was their fault, since they themselves hadn't done enough to make real Islam known in the West. Their sileince left a vacuum into which any religious faker could step and mislead our people

Emmanuel Adebayor has accepted Islam

Emmanuel Adebayor

Emmanuel Adebayor
Emmanuel Adebayor

Something I didn't know until I was told a few hours ago - Emmanuel Adebayor has accepted Islam. It happened around June time this year.

The ceremony where he said his shahadah is available on Youtube:


He had recently run into some family trouble that was causing him stress, so it is good to hear that he has found peace in Islam.

"Palestinian fury" as 'Jewish settler' arson attack kills child

I am not going to comment on the news, but .

The murder of a toddler is belittled to simply a Palestinian issue.

The headline is providing subtext to the whole story if you don't pay attention, it is easily gone undetected.

Normally words for a headline are carefully chosen to portray the most meaning in the least words.

Here the headline would have been a lot more poignant if the word "Palestinian" was either not present or present later in the sentence to further describe the child.

Instead it is added to the start where it takes away from the headline and story as a whole.


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