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ISIS? Its YOUR fault!

Yes you, yours.

If you ever thought the Iraq war was wrong or questioned the proxies operating in Syria, you are to blame for Syria.

The security services, military interventions or intelligence agencies? they are blameless.

It is not just Syria. The current chaos in Libya, that is also your fault.

If you ever suggested that meddling in Libya was a bad idea, what were you thinking!?!

You have created a monster that our beloved intelligence services now have to deal with and clean up your mess.

Forget that we were lied to about Libya, it wasn't your place to question those lies.

Now, its your fault that the world has gone to pot.

Know your place, pleb!

Briton killed fighting in Syria

Today there are reports about a Briton who was so enraged by events that he went to fight in Syria .

He allied himself with groups many consider to be terrorists.

However, most news reports will be sympathetic to his case for he was not Muslim.

His case will be shown more nuance than for Muslims who may return or die in Syria - who may have even been fighting against the same group!

Charlie's Angels... traveling to ISISland

Three young girls feared to be on the way to Syria

The past few days there is the news of three young Muslim school girls (two are 15 and one is 16) who have disapeared from home and may be on the way to Syria.

There are pleas for their return and not to go to Syria.

Ignoring the whole craziness of them going to ISIS lands, there is a question of how it happened and how will they be treated if they return.

"North West Infidels" Came a-knocking

Protestor holding up anti muslim sign

Late last week there was notification telling the good people of Oldham to avoid the Town Centre on Saturday (14 January) because the "North West Infidels" were coming around for a visit.

You can think of it as foreigners coming to cause a ruckus and creating a no go area for many Oldhamers on the busy shopping day of Saturday and probably try to stoke up tensions within the local community of some sort.

They might have been protesting a lack of love in their lives or something, I am not sure as I didn't attend.

Apparently not many turned up to the protest so it was a bit of a dud.

Haraam practices at "Halaal" abattoir

There has recently been footage released that was recorded by Animal Aid at which secretly recorded multiple events of animal cruelty and torture.

Animal Aid have also r over their practices and how they do not wish to stir up anti Muslim hatred, but witholding the footage would have been a betrayal of their key mission: to expose and combat animal cruelty.

Mommy & mommy & daddy or mommy & daddy & daddy?

No, I am not talking about adoption and those with a keen eye would notice that both options have not two but three parents.

The UK research into creating babies with not the traditional two, but three parents. This bill still needs to pass in the House of Lords.

The selling point for this is to allow the changing/removal of genetic code that would normally cause serious genetic illnesses, but it could end up going all Gattaca on us.

There be interesting times ahead.

"Soumission" - or what would actually happen if France adopted Shariah Law.

Last month with the Charlie Hebdo killings, something that got overlooked was the release of a book by French author Michel Houellebecq set in a near future where France is ruled under Shariah Law(TM).

There were many outcries, some defending the book (under free speech), some attacking it for fearmongering and playing into the ideologies of the far right.

But not many seem to have actually asked the question over how accurate it would be and what would a French state under "Shariah Law (TM)" actually be like.

Granted that as it is a work of fiction, it does not need to match any reality out there. The question is less if the book is accurate and more what would a European country with a majority non Muslim population be like under "Shariah Law (TM)".

Gaddafi agreed to abdicate & go into exile before 2011 coalition assault/lynching

I came across t - Gadhafi of Libya had contacted the US before the coalition bombing campaign which also armed various rebel groups that are still at war.

He offered a peaceful transfer of power where he woudl abdicate and go into exile - he even took "confidence building" measures of moving his armed forces away from the cities.

He recieved no response and eventually after the passing of a UN resolution to "protect civilians" the Western coalition of nations, mainly France and the UK went to war to oust him.

Libya has remained broken and in chaos ever since.

It's a Monkey!

When I went to Umrah a few years ago, I took some pictures, which I have previously uploaded on here.

I had a basic cameraphone, a Samsung p300 - pictures of it can never do it justice as with the case it looked stylish and not the calculator it looks like in screen shots - that didn't take the best pictures, but they did the job.

When looking for images to use for some articles posted on here, I had a look at some of the old images I had posted. The one of the green Dome from the Prophet (saw)'s mosque is good and I used that.

Right next to it was the little nugget you can see above - it's a monkey!

It was taken with cave Hira immediately to my left.

Good memories.