Haraam practices at "Halaal" abattoir

There has recently been footage released that was recorded by Animal Aid at which secretly recorded multiple events of animal cruelty and torture.

Animal Aid have also r over their practices and how they do not wish to stir up anti Muslim hatred, but witholding the footage would have been a betrayal of their key mission: to expose and combat animal cruelty.

It seems that as a community we Muslims cannot do anything right - especially follow the rules of Islam. Even the and covering the release of this video list how the events in the video contradict Islamic teachings - yet it seems that us Muslims can freely ignore this.

Animal cruelty is forbidden in Islam. Jumping on animals, kicking them, throwing them against solid structures, even hacking at them and using blunt objects are all forbidden.

Laughing at the said cruelty and taunting the animals is disgusting.

The report by animal aid goes further and shows how even the layout of the abattoir and its procedures cause and aid in animal cruelty.

Halaal slaughter houses are about more than making a quick buck, but about providing a service to the Muslim community. A part of this entails following muslim practices including avoiding cruelty to animals.

The slaughter houses should have adequate procedures in place to avoid animal cruelty and people working in such environments should be adequately trained, made aware of the importance of their duties and when found to breach the rules, punished and potentially blacklisted from working in such environments again.

Animal Aid has requesting that CCTV recording be made mandatory at all slaughterhouses. I think this is a good start.