Mommy & mommy & daddy or mommy & daddy & daddy?

No, I am not talking about adoption and those with a keen eye would notice that both options have not two but three parents.

The UK research into creating babies with not the traditional two, but three parents. This bill still needs to pass in the House of Lords.

The selling point for this is to allow the changing/removal of genetic code that would normally cause serious genetic illnesses, but it could end up going all Gattaca on us.

There be interesting times ahead.


This isn't halal though right?

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Good question.

Initial thoughts that hiding parents/lineage is disliked in Islam - children have a right to know who their parents are and anything that hides this is not allowed.

This is one of the reasons given for why a woman cannot have more than one husband.

There is also the issue of marriage - children are meant to be born in wedlock, and this breaks that concept.

I don't know the science behind it but I do wonder why the same techniques cannot be used to simple remove harmful clusters of genes instead of replacing from a third person.

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