Political Assassination of Muslim attempts to stop schools failing Muslim children

New leaks in suggest that 6 schools in Birmingham will face censure, and two previously considered to be outstanding schools will be rated as "inadequate" - a rating that allowed the government to place the schools under special measures and force changes including replacing of school governors.

These schools were among 21 investigated as part of a "Trojan Horse" plot, where the leaks suggest that nothing has been found:

Ofsted's inspectors appear to have been unable to find much evidence of claims of homophobia or gender discrimination, which have been alleged by anonymous former teachers at some of the schools.

In the case of Park View school, a school in a deprived area with excellent results, it was rated outstanding two years ago, and since then the student grades have actually improved. It will now be rated as "inadequate".

The leaks suggest that another school that was previously rated as outstanding, Ninestiles Academy, which was previously praised for its work with the police to combat extremism will also be rated as "inadequate".

According to The Guardian article, another was told it needed further work "preparing students to live in multicultural Britain" AKA probably not indocrinating children as well with the values that the state now wants children to be indoctrinated. (it that promoting homosexuality to children was considered a criminal offence...)

These are only two of many schools being victimised as part of an anti-Muslim witch hunt.

What it seems is that in these communities, the parents and community saw that the schools were failing them and thought that wasn't good enough. They decided to do something about that and created an atmosphere where the schools were int ouch with the communities and this paid dividends.

The schools were rightly praised for their achievements for turning around the lives of students in impoverished areas, but now in a Britain wher casual racism and islamophobia is becoming increasingly politicised, Muslim success stories are seen as a threat instead of an achievement or normalisation.

There is an increasing amount of intolerance towards Muslims here in the UK now, and it seems even academic success is becoming less tolerable to hateful people and even certain segments of the government.