Political Assassination of Muslim attempts to stop schools failing Muslim children

New leaks in suggest that 6 schools in Birmingham will face censure, and two previously considered to be outstanding schools will be rated as "inadequate" - a rating that allowed the government to place the schools under special measures and force changes including replacing of school governors.

These schools were among 21 investigated as part of a "Trojan Horse" plot, where the leaks suggest that nothing has been found:

Forced Marriage vs Gay Daughter

"I took off my hijab, and I threw it on the floor and my brother got really mad. It's the worst thing I could have done to offend my religion, aside from burn or tear the Koran.

"My mother, she kind of stood still, and started listening, and it was very liberating that she finally wanted to hear what I had to say.

"I told her about my sexuality and I said 'that's right, I do meet girls, and I love it' and I told her that she had been hurting me really badly, and I will never forgive her."

Now 20, Reviva - not her real name - recounts the day she finally came out to her family, her pupils flash and the flat, matter-of-fact delivery of her story-telling becomes briefly animated.

Rise in men reporting forced marriages

Its a story from the where it is reported that there has been a 65% increase in the reported cases.

This is still the minority and often overlooked, but what stood out to me was that one of the reasons for the forced marriage was suspicion of homosexuality or bisexuality of the people who were then being forced into marriage. Is this the Eastender's effect?

Homosexuality and Islam

Firstly to make clear my position - I have many gay friends and gay members of my family. My wife and I have supported a gay couple in their attempt to adopt.

So, Islam says that being gay is a sin. It is haram. Right? Allah hates it. Sodomy is one of the worst types of sin in Islam, as far as I can tell from hearsay and from what I've read in your scripture.

There is also the overwhelming cultural aversion to homosexuality. I have never come across a community, that is, a group loosely connected by religion or wealth or interest or occupation, that has more dislike and hatred of gays than Muslims. In a recent poll, although I cannot find the source, 60% of Muslims in the UK want to criminalise homosexuality (I presume both male and female).

Nightmare On Homo Street

Sajid Iqbal

Forget about Freddie Krueger and Nightmare on Elm Street, today we have the greatest nightmare that you could ever imagine facing us in the very near future.

No, its not that Man City might get promoted or that Pakistan keep on getting battered by Australia in cricket, or even Dr. Shipman escaping from prison or that Bill Clinton has found his other brain cell… .No…it’s much worse than that; it’s the biggest attack, the biggest threat and the biggest insult facing the Muslims in particular and humanity at large.

What is it then? It is what is called in the modern world as the abolishment of SECTION 28.