Anti Muslim Craziness: "Muslim girl sent home by school in France over long skirt"

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A teenage Catholic girl who converted to Islam has been banned from attending a school in the eastern Paris suburbs because her skirt is too long.

Women must not be told what to wear unless they choose to wear something we do not like seems to be the mantra.

"Je suis hypocrites".

"North West Infidels" Came a-knocking

Protestor holding up anti muslim sign

Late last week there was notification telling the good people of Oldham to avoid the Town Centre on Saturday (14 January) because the "North West Infidels" were coming around for a visit.

You can think of it as foreigners coming to cause a ruckus and creating a no go area for many Oldhamers on the busy shopping day of Saturday and probably try to stoke up tensions within the local community of some sort.

They might have been protesting a lack of love in their lives or something, I am not sure as I didn't attend.

Apparently not many turned up to the protest so it was a bit of a dud.

The legacy of a good Muslim

Deah, Yusur and Razan - three young Muslims killed in America

Last Ramadan was the first time I understood the beauty of being a good Muslim and its affects after death. There are people who work to leave a legacy but I think being a good Muslim alone can create that legacy.

A good Muslim will always continue to be remembered and will inspire others with their good character; by their loved ones but even possibly complete strangers. I’ve learnt enough about my grandparents and other deceased members of my family to know the former is true. The latter is what I learnt last Ramadan.

Germany - Anti Muslim rallies and counter rallies

PEGIDA anti-Islam Rally

I've got a quiet admiration for Germany - they seem to be a hard working, productive no nonsense type of nation that doesn't fall for the normal marketing tricks.

However recently there has been a phenomenon of large rallies taking place across Germany:

Germany PEGIDA protests: Rallies over 'Islamisation'

Supporters and opponents of a group campaigning against what it sees as the "Islamisation" of Europe have held rival rallies across Germany.

There have been weekly protests by the Patriotic Europeans against the Islamisation of the West (Pegida) since October.

A record 18,000 people turned out on Monday at one rally in Dresden.

Political Assassination of Muslim attempts to stop schools failing Muslim children

New leaks in suggest that 6 schools in Birmingham will face censure, and two previously considered to be outstanding schools will be rated as "inadequate" - a rating that allowed the government to place the schools under special measures and force changes including replacing of school governors.

These schools were among 21 investigated as part of a "Trojan Horse" plot, where the leaks suggest that nothing has been found:

The REAL STORY in the Birmingham "Trojan horse" school plot

There is an article in today about Park View academy in Birmingham where there are allegations of a "Muslim plot" to take over schools.

To me this story seems to be just another in the line of trying to muddy the waters about Muslims and to tarnish out collective reputations.

The real story? Park View Academy has managed to turn itself from a failing school where single digit figures were passing their GCSE's into a school which has become a beacon of achievement, where others want to emulate this success.

Al Jazeera: UK hysteria over 'Islamist' threat is fuelling race hate

UK hysteria over 'Islamist' threat is fuelling race hate

Britain's panicked take on 'Islamists' has enabled the spread of racism and emboldened the far-right UKIP party

Once again, the British press is panicking over the "Islamists" that are apparently lurking with malicious intent on every street corner in the UK.

Denmark bans halal and kosher slaughter

Denmark bans halal and kosher slaughter as minister says ‘animal rights come before religion’

Denmark’s government has brought in a ban on the religious slaughter of animals for the production of halal and kosher meat, after years of campaigning from welfare activists.

The change to the law, announced last week and effective as of yesterday, has been called “anti-Semitism” by Jewish leaders and “a clear interference in religious freedom” by the non-profit group Danish Halal.

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Why Conservatives failed the test on Islamic schools

Richard Garner explains how the Tory leader's attack on the Government has unravelled

Conservative Party officials made two basic errors in their attack on two schools said to be run by a radical Islamic group, it emerged yesterday.

During Prime Minister's Questions in the House of Commons on Wednesday and in briefings afterwards the Conservatives claimed there was no evidence that the schools had been registered or inspected by Ofsted, the education standards watchdog; they also said the schools had received money from an anti-terrorism fund. But yesterday the claims were beginning to unravel. The most obvious mistake was the allegation that they appeared not to have been registered or inspected.