Why Conservatives failed the test on Islamic schools

Richard Garner explains how the Tory leader's attack on the Government has unravelled

Conservative Party officials made two basic errors in their attack on two schools said to be run by a radical Islamic group, it emerged yesterday.

During Prime Minister's Questions in the House of Commons on Wednesday and in briefings afterwards the Conservatives claimed there was no evidence that the schools had been registered or inspected by Ofsted, the education standards watchdog; they also said the schools had received money from an anti-terrorism fund. But yesterday the claims were beginning to unravel. The most obvious mistake was the allegation that they appeared not to have been registered or inspected.

In fact, one of the two schools – in Slough, Berkshire – had posted a glowing commendation from Ofsted on its website. The report was easily accessible by Googling the Islamic Shakhsiyah Foundation, and its veracity could be confirmed with Ofsted.

It praised the school for its "broad and balanced curriculum" and for its commitment to the "spiritual, moral, social and cultural development" of its 55 four- to 10-year-old pupils...

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LOL gotta say the most our school had to do to get our outstanding status was remove all the junkfood from the vending machines!

it was funny cuz in the morning we saw the teachers putting in cereal bars and fruit and stuff in there and we were fasting then so we didnt go into the canteen but everyone was moaning about it and then couple of days later it was the same again.

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wednesday wrote:
I heard that Cameron had not only attack Brown but also the Ofsted.

and also the BBC. Buyt I guess that is the price of being in bed with Rupert Murdoch which wants its rival media empire to be the dominant force.

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