First Turkish Female Designs Grandeur Mosque

In Turkey Zeynep Fadillioglu well known for designing stylish Bars and Resteraunts for the Modern Istanbul, is set to complete a new and fairly different project, a mosque.

It has been called a monument to Modern Islam in Turkey both for its intricate detail and design as well as style and for the first time ever its desginer was a woman.

The mosque is unlike anything seen before, designed with great integrity and conjures all styles of Islamic Art. Firstly the colours running through the mosque range from turqouise to coral pink, gold and silver. Verses from the Quran can be seen all over around lining the walls. The Balcony at the back end of the mosque provides breathtaking scenery and just alongside it is the womans section just as attractive than the mosque itself, as Zeynep wanted to show equality of Woman and Men in Islam she did not want the Woman squashed up at the back which is usually seen in the more older mosques.
The task of designing the mosque led to many sleepless nights Zeynep stated, as she did not want to offend she seeked advice from people in higher position in Islam and realised their open mindness welcoming her ideas and enthusism with open arms.


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It looks like something out of a 1980s sci-fi TV series!

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