Pakistan's Sect Free Mosque

ISLAMABAD – For any Pakistani Muslim, Islamabad’s Qutuba Mosque is no different from other houses of worship as far as the structure, style, and operation.

Yet, a small white banner placed right on the entrance of the mosque makes it unique.

The banner reads “This Mosque is meant for all the Muslims irrespective of their sects,” with two verses of Pakistan’s national Poet Allama Mohammad  Iqbal  reminding Muslims about the true spirit of prayer and urging them to shun their differences and get united.

Protest or politics?

Another mosque and this time it's being built in a mainly non-Muslim area. So as expected, there is a protest planned against this new mosque being built. I wonder how the Muslim community will react. No doubt most of us will then want to organise a reactionary protest. But isn't that the problem? For far too long, we the Muslim community, are reactive instead of proactive. Instead of protesting, why not write to your local MP and ask them what they will do to support the new mosque. Not all MP's are anti-Muslim and if you vote, you can vote in the right one who will support what you and your community stand for. Majority of us did the same thing when the Gaza conflict was going on, we protested, while the Isreali lobby engaged in politics and got results.

First Turkish Female Designs Grandeur Mosque

In Turkey Zeynep Fadillioglu well known for designing stylish Bars and Resteraunts for the Modern Istanbul, is set to complete a new and fairly different project, a mosque.

It has been called a monument to Modern Islam in Turkey both for its intricate detail and design as well as style and for the first time ever its desginer was a woman.