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Just thought I'd blog because it's 5am and I can't sleep.

Soooo I'm 21 today woo. 

Kinda depressed about that, haven't done half the stuff I wanted to by this age. I just about graduated and passed my driving test in the past couple of weeks, I don't have much to show for my 21 yrs on this planet :/  

Summer Blog #2 - Poem.

If only you knew, 

the things I went through, 

the first side of June. 


If only you saw, 

my good luck withdraw 

that night I met you 


If only you'd been 

the one that had seen 

my hope crush and die

by the end of July 


If only you focussed 

you'd know by mid-August

That next June would be without you. 



Summer Blog #1 - a co-incidental miracle.

I've decided to start blogging again. Well actually I decided months ago, but only just getting around to it. I'd love you guys' opinions on my thoughts, even if you disagree. and if you think that your opinion doesn't matter, you're wrong :]  Tbh if no one comments on my blogs, I'll just lose heart and stop doing them cos I'll feel a bit stupid :L 

The fine line

Between backing a cause, and being so overly defensive that you 'defend' it even when it's not being attacked but are clearly too blinkered to realise that.


On a side note:

Do you think there are categorical definite moral truths? Such as?

P.s 'Blinkered' = "Having or showing a limited outlook: "a small-minded, blinkered approach".

Comes from I believe "blinkers or winkers, are a piece of horse tack that restrict the horse's vision to the rear and, in some cases, to the side." hence a narrow perception.

'Create Blog Post'...

...Commands the page,

So Create Blog Post I shall.

Hi Everyone, How are you? Hope you're well and happy,
If not then hopefully that's counting towards more happiness in the afterlife.

About 4 months into the university term now and I have to admit the socialising aspect appeals to me a lot more than the academic, and it's pretty easy to push everything to the side.

So I'm glad for the revival, where now and then I can just come back and refresh things, it's useful to revive me in terms of Islamic News etc. (Don't pardon the pun, I meant to make it)

So yeah...Times are hard, and a lot of us are incredibly privileged.

Not to seem ungrateful, but sometimes that can be a bad thing...

My Siren Tongue

I wonder, if I called your name,
How long it would take before you came.

What if my siren tongue ran dry, and my throat was taken sore
Would it be in mere vain, if I was to implore?

And what if the soft hand tugging at yours, should quickly lose it's youth,
Would you draw yours sharply back, as if it was uncouth?

And if the legs standing strong before you, should suddenly become weak,
Would my immobility surely be your defeat?

What if deaf, near-dumb, and blind
Your transformed love was to entreat you
With cracked pink eyes,
unsteady thighs,
and other ailments- a fair few?

Would you take her wrinkled hand in yours
Tell her you'd make it through any wars
That she should so lovingly need you,
Well, nothing could make you love her more?

Musings of a Museless Muse.

Hiii there.

Disclaimer: I can't be bothered to make all my pronoun i's capital so if you can't handle that, don't read on (:

So... i haven't written a proper blog in a while now but i have now and then thought how cool it would be to have a proper set of blogs that people followed and enjoyed reading, like on blogspot or whatever, but unfortunately, i haven't got enough interesting things to say.

I doubt many people will read this, but i'll just put it out there, just my general thoughts while i'm pretty much here with just my own mind for company.

As an all-out daydreamer, there's nothing i like more than time to just think so it's not a problem. Any quiet opportunity to just pretend to be reading something or be staring out of a window and think about stuff.