British state spies on Muslims


While raising legitimate issues, the documentary could have been better presented.

It starts off weak - hard to buy much sympathy when the guy was convicted (and if he was entrapped, they didnt really focus on that apart from a single comment).

I also don't think they have really covered the level surveillance we are under.

For example, there was a person or two convicte of terrorism. theyr communication method? they would sit next to each other, type what they wanted into a word document and then delete it. the other then would write his response. Caught.

Do you have a phone? they can hear you and follow you. Does it have a camera? they can see you. Do you have a PC? they can monitor it. Does that pc have a webcam? they can see you. Do you have an ipad? they can see, hear and follow you.

Ever buy anything online? they can intercept it to replace compontents to add spying gadgetry.

Do you use the internet? well, good luck with privacy then.

Do not ever expect any site you use to be secure. At best they can monitor you anyway. At worst, the website is in on it to make it even easier.


Tell me, do you bleed?

We live in a prison, quite literally.

We fight for privacy then our privacy is invaded. 

I feel so terribly insecure!

Eventhough I'm 100% innocent.

And I already have issues with trust.

Thinking about it....

What if my best friend is a spy?!

I'm so screwed lol. 



_Me_ is a spy? 0_o

Tell me, do you bleed?