Upcoming Muslim Marriage Events 2017/2018

Salam Brother & Sisters


Please find below upcoming events in the uk

Muslim Marriage Events Manchester

Open Event - Single or Divorced - Any age welcome

Sunday 10th December 2017

Royal Nawaabs, 1008 Stockport Road, Levenshulme, Manchester, M19 3WN


Muslim Marriage Events Leeds

Open Event - Single or divorced - Any age welcome

Sunday 14th January 2018

Mumtaz Leeds, 1 & 2 Mackenzie House, Chadwick Street, Leeds, LS10 1PJ

Muslim Foster Carers Needed

*Urgent - Muslim Foster Carers Needed!*

Given the current closure of the Calais camp, there is a huge need for muslim foster carers to care for children from Syria and other Muslim countries.

Most of the children are male and aged 14+* who have been through a very difficult journey in their lives.

If you could open up your house to a Muslim young person and fulfil this great need please get in touch with Foster Care Link, the only dedicated muslim fostering agency in the UK.

*London:* 020 8880 5387
*NorthWest & Yorkshire:* 0161 633 5000
*Midlands:* 0116 210 2248

I am getting married

2015 is my year.

I am getting married after 2 months.

As you know Shias Muslims dont get marry during holy month of Muharram because it is a sad month of mourning. We remember Prophet’s grandson Imam Husayn. He was murdered by Yazid the tyrant.

So after 60 days are passed I will get married in month of Prophet’s Birth, Rabi al Awal. Inshallah.

I found a good female. She was Ahl Hadith. Now she and her 3 brothers have converted path of Ahl ul Bayt. She is now a Shia Muslim. I liked her and now I asked her last month. She said yes.

I am so happy. 

See my Malik blog:

Exam time HELP PLEASE!!!

Assalaamu'alaikoum, need a few tips and tops about being studying/exam time but with the added Muslim Factor.

stuff like "keep your intention clean" blah blah..any tips,links,vids!! please!!!!!!

edit: HADITH HELP PLEASE!! im looking for the hadith about using youth before old age, time before you become busy etc.. jazakAllah for any help!!

Shias Value Females



For men of Shia Islam, women are special status human beings.

That is why males do not stare at women. Men keep their eyes lowered. They honour women. Females are highly valued by Shia mulsims. Ask any Shia female how much they are appreciated by Shia men.

Shia females are respected the most in the world. Women know their high value in the eyes on Shia males.

Shia men highly regard females. They love their wives. They love their daughters. They love their sisters. They are very respectful to all women.

In Shia history, the holy ladies such as Fatima and Zaynab are models of beauty, peace, truth and justice.

This love is what Imam Ali, the Saint of God, has given to Shia men.