Converting to Islam - the white Britons becoming Muslims

As 22-year-old Aisha Uddin recites Surah Al-Fatiha - the first chapter of the Koran - at home with close friend Sameeah Karim, she may stumble over one word but otherwise the text is perfectly recounted.

Aisha Uddin: 'It's a change I'm happy I've made'

But unlike Sameeah, 35, who has Pakistani heritage and grew up reading the holy book, Aisha is newer to it: she used to be called Laura and only converted to Islam two years ago.

She is pale and has bright blue eyes; originally from Birmingham, until recently she dressed like many other young white British women.

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Editorial: Thank God I'm A British Muslim!

Sajid Iqbal

Some would say we're treated as 2nd class citizens. We're demonised by the media. There are calls for the Niqab to be banned. All Muslims are seen as potential terrorists. Others would add that Muslims have to prove they are not the 'enemy within'. Some would even go as far as saying that Muslims have to prove they are 'British first, Muslims second'.

The above doesn't paint a pretty picture now does it?

On the flip side I suppose that's how most Muslims are, or can be expected to be, treated in most non-Muslim countries in the current environment, especially post 9/11, 7/7 and the rise of the suicide bomb worldwide.

The Challenges

Now apart from the dodgy weather let’s see what the real challenges are for British Muslims living in the UK...


Young, British and Muslim

By Alveena Salim

What is it like being a young Muslim living in Britain? Alveena Salim, a University student from London gives her personal account.

I spend a lot of my time completing questionnaires in women’s magazines. I love hearing what others have to say about me.

The other day I was filling out a questionnaire with my sister, after answering twenty questions she loudly read out the results “You’re a Sad Loner Who Needs To Get A Life”.

I double checked just to make sure she wasn’t winding me up as usual, but she was right my results did indicate that I was a sad loner with no life (Charming!).