Exception's blog

Why you spitting rhymes that are misguiding my generation?

my pen writes when im depressed because i never slept,
Regreting every time there was a promise that i never kept.
Wake up on a morning, see the same world, the same hate.
Stay up every night writing so that it gets late,
Thoughts fill my mind build a maze in my own head,
I can't sleep anywhere not even in my own bed
Every way i look i see the end of something i beleive,
But i carry on because i said that i would never leave,
Flows, fill my head so i write it out upon a page,
i dont see many true people around in this day and age,
Rappers come around and show the youth how to end up caged,
But you won't ever see me with them standin on a stage,
Tell me what you beleive to be the hip hop that u know?
Trust true hip hop was never about the hoes or the doe.

Just Something I Wrote.

hey, i'm fifteen and i don't mean to worry you,
i've seen hate cuz of race, n death cus of money to.
i've always been let down, and you don't even have a clue,
so alone I need a friend cus the ones i have i loose.
Sumbody Gimme an angel, remember the one i had was you,
But since you left i ohnestly got nothing left to loose,
I'm ill deep inside and everynight i sit and cry,
You say you love me, But i dont wana hear lies.
I don't wana trust you, but can u blame me?
I was weak and feeble, well this is the same me,
But know i can stand up for ma own and i can save me,
I got enough so am proud of wat Allah gave me.
outside i see Other girls boast of their beauty,
Whats a face, when i walk past nobody sees me.
It's better like that, i'll be a ghost yeah.