Exception's blog

Reality's the biggest issue on my plate to be solving

always treasure what you have cus its safe to say,
what is given, god can take away,
but the passion inside will never be diminshed,
separate the flames but they wont be extinguished,
say its cus of what your meant to beleive in,
Or is it just that freedom never had any meaning,
Its hard to see the stars if your living in a basement,
But when your flying then your smiling in amazement
Me i find it kinda hard to be patient,
Everything i need got taken away so,
I feel like i'm fading, fading away
Yet i wont let it happen or anything stand in my way,
I thought it was over nothing left of me to give,
Cus you could find a piece of me everywhere i bin,
But giving up to me is liek a sin,
So i always gota find a way that i can live,

Why does everything shatter when i feel i can fly?

at fifteen its hard to even write a line,
& sixteen will it be hard to see what is mine?
I don't know whats to come but i fear it may be worse,
Maybe its wrong but at times its felt like lifes a curse,
When the lights go out I pray to allah,
Things will be okay, i hope inshallah,
Something good will come along my hopes set high,
& then everything will shatter when i feel i can fly,
Why does it go like that i dont understand,
Why does nobody want to lend when i need a hand,
I take that back because some people care,
& i could never explain what it means having you there,
But somedays theres pain that i dont want to share,
& theres hours that go by that i've got to spare,
But hours to spare means time to think
So i'll convince myself the ships about to sink,

Do you ever wish to send happiness to replace the tears.

peace is a question is the answer occupation?
killing little children doesnt give them liberation,
Preaching about unity whilst opressing a nation,
What would your heart say if you had to face them?
Easily drop a bomb from planes in their skys,
Then misinform english youths by feeding them lies,
Switch on sky news whats happening today,
But i don't really wana listen to what they go to say,
Switch on AKA, whats the music scene saying,
Naa i don't wana watch what these rappers are displayin,
Guns knives & violence, I aint really feeling it,
Violent youths are causing wounds is this how theyre healing it?
I dont wana listen to the lies that i've bin told,
I don't understand how the world has got so cold,
Issues are global warming but hearts turn to stone,

you aint real bro cus what you spitting aint the truth

you aint real bro cus what you spitting aint the truth,
Why you tying to kill em? me i'm tryina save the youth.
The futures not a nice place, to me it seems so bleak,
Everybody's seen a rhyme of mine but i don't let it leak.
I'm the girl you see everyday but u wont even know it.
Im the girl who cries when shes alone but i don't show it.
If you got close enough to feel what i'd felt abit,
You would know it aint easy u might feel bad abit.
Cus judging somebody you aint even ever spoke to
Aint the right move, not something that this girl would do.
I've been judged manyt times both rightly and wrongly.
So many things people think just would never even fit me.
I aint half the girl that you imagine me to be.
And i dont really care think whateva you wana think of me.


So much happening but I feel weak so i don't even want to fight,
Rather gets some rest but i cant even sleep at night,
fifteen years old stressed out and i feel so old,
I dont have nobody and i dont want to be alone.
I Keep praying to allah cus the devil trys to tempt me,
Used to be so full of strength why do i feel empty?
I wana spread my wings and fly but they wont let me,
Nobody understands so i dissapear they wont see me.
I start to hate the world and everything around me,
Not because its rong, but cus i don't need it to surround me.
I need some space, my own air around me to feel free.
But theres a dead end in everything i see.

I believe Allah guides my hand while im writing this.

Exception why didnt you write today?
Maybe it's because she got nothing to say.
If there was a thought in my mind i'd find a way.
To paint a picture only my words could display.
Forget the word rapper, just call me an artist.
The words to my songs will show where my heart is.
Its hard to say things that mess up in your head.
Its hard to erase things you wish you never said.

Regrets fill my mind, in a way i can't describe.
My lifes like a rollercoaster, but i aint ona ride.
SO many days that i wish that i could just hide,
But never was there a true fact that i denied.
Some people hide from the truth, as if its a fear.
Not something i understand i've never come near.
An ohnest tongue is a blessing, so the ohnest i respect,
The things that i say my actions will reflect.