Exception's blog

the right, the wrong, the loved, the hated, A dream, A vision, is this all over-rated?

the better the worse the pure the tainted,
the birth the death the torture it came with,
Inferior superior the thoughts of a racist,
Is it civilised in the city where you walk on the pavement,
Lost a couple fam & they couldn't control me,
Picked up my pen my own thoughts consoled me,
Written on the pages in the ink is my life,
I don't do this for fun it's time we realised,
A voice, a sound, a beat dya hear it?
A truth, A reality, is that what were fearing?
Open your eyes, & your mind it is time,
If we wasn't blinded would we'see the sign.
Look at humanity, do we see reality?
why does it all come back to the fear of calamity,
Look up, look out, see the clouds in the sky,
Concrete cage is my home, wheres the peace in my mind,

Me, i'm here, and i'm now and im writing,

Theres no bloood bond but theres love this is fate to me, We don't share heritage but i hope through my words you relate to me

What u got in your heart bruv, can you Decide?
I can represent places like iraq and palestine with pride

May the 15th 5 hundred & thirty villages depopulate,
The IDF do worse today and that was nineteen fourty eight
Gaza's crying in the middle east but has the world moved
The UN can't do anything until obama has approved
Whats do you know of the blockade on the Gaza strip
Know my heart goes out to those on each and every ship
May the 31st the day not aid bt blood reached the shores
respect to the burried who's leagacy's will see an end to the wars
Rachel Corrie's now a sign of courage & good will,
She was too a girl with a great dream to fulfill,
Died as she tried to save a family home from destruction,
By the same people guilty, of war crimes, deaths, & abduction.

First Day Out Fundraising.

Today was our first day out in the community fund raising for Gaza, because as i've clearly shown in other blogs I care & I really wana do summat to help the peopple.

We brought a stall at the local islamic school's summer fair. We had mendhi & water bomb games going off. We made £123.48 exactly, it lasted 3 hours from 1 till 4 and I think it went quite well mashallah.

We raised a good amount of money & we had a good day i'm absolutely shattered but it was a very good day. From being drenched by little kids with water baloons to talking to brothers & sisters about whats happening in Gaza and their views on everything.

I know your not here yet

i know you're not here yet but you'll hear this,
death is defnite so don't don't fear it,
When i'm gone don't do as i did, do as i say,
Your life is a test so do it your own way,
I wasn't perfect, never think that i was,
Every move that i made, i did it beacause,
well i don't know with hindsight you might tell me,
or someday someone out there might realise and bell me,
But i don't know yet so say the storys begun,
May not be as important as the daily rise of the sun,
But what i read on it's pages i think that its done,
cus truth is well, all this writing was it written for fun?
Logic don't apply, so really why they telling me?
I'm a human not an object so you won't be selling me,
Materialisms one disease disguised as another,

Can you still string a few words together?

can you still string a few words together?
Is the force that hit you way lighter than a feather,
DO i have to write these words ina rhythm to be rap
For there to be running water do i need a tap?
surley before there was a way that i called mine,
Cus it feels somethings lost & i cannot find,
Realised something for the future to ignore my past,
Things are flying by is time moving to fast?
No, its an illusion or thats what theyre telling me,
But whats really in these products that theyre sellin me
Wana bar, shall we catch a bite to eat?
No, because it's like you took the ground under my feet,
Shook it up put it back & something was missing,
& now i'm left here & i dont know why im wishing,
In the night i wana see the stars but i dont see them,

I'm different to you & you is different to me.

So, You have a name, an age, a nationality, a religion maybe, a family, a community, a medical health record, a fitness status, a criminal record (or not), a race, a skin tone, a life, a pet elephant, a mansion & a flash car or a cardboard box, a bank full of money or the change in your pocket. We all have different things, be that culture, religion, nationalities, bank status's, wealth, families, there's something that causes me to be different from you.

Anniversary of the Mavi Marmara/ Because before I was anybody or anything else I was a Human Being.

I posted this blog a year ago today, & wow was there some controversy regarding it, but today, I want to say that the dream really hasn't changed very much. I feel slightly closer and that today on the anniversary of the attack of the Mavi Marmara in international waters by the Israeli Offence Force I say that we should honour the 9 human lives which we lost and we should stand in solidarity with our brothers and sisters in Gaza, today and every other day. They need us to protect & demand their basic human rights & as Muslims that's more than something we feel we should do, its an obligation. The more people who recognise the suffering & help the Palestinians the more hope of a brighter future for the children of Palestine.