The Revival World News - November 2000

Sajid Iqbal

Oil Power

There are a few men in the world who are capable of bringing the world to a standstill, they have the power to bring western powers to their knees, even the mighty war machines of the world will render fruitless before these men……so who are they, are they the FBI, or CIA, or the leaders of the G5 nations, or may be the free masons (who ever they are), or even …

Actually it's neither of these, although some of them may have some power in the world, but not the absolute powers mentioned above. What if I was to tell you that these people are actually Muslims….." yeh yeh" you're thinking "you're gonna tell me that 'Clinton' and 'Putin' are Muslims now are you".

Doomsday (Translation of Chapter 81 - [at-Takweer/folded up])

In the name of Allah, the Beneficent, the Merciful.

81.1: When the sun is folded up,

81.2: And when the stars fall,

81.3: And when the mountains are made to pass away,

81.4: And when the camels are left untended,

81.5: And when the wild animals are made to go forth,

81.6: And when the seas are set on fire,

81.7: And when souls are united,

81.8: And when the female infant buried alive is asked

81.9: For what sin she was killed,

81.10: And when the books are spread,

81.11: And when the heaven has its covering removed,

81.12: And when the hell is kindled up,

81.13: And when the garden is brought nigh,

81.14: Every soul shall [then] know what it has prepared.

Turkey Of The Month (November 2000)

Sajid Iqbal

Well you may be surprised at this months selection of the ‘turkey of the month’.

Well the leaders of the 56 Muslim countries did practically nothing in response to the brutal killing of over 200 Muslim children and teenagers, by the Israeli army, in the past few weeks.

The Muslim Ummah is a Nuclear power, it controls the oil supply to the world and it is the wealthiest.

The only thing it lacks is leaders with guts and responsibility, who put their trust in Allah, not in America. This is not surprising though, as the Muslim countries did nothing to stop the masacre of the kashmiri people by the indian army, over the past 50 years.

Just to sign declarations denouncing India and Israel.... disgraceful for a nuclear power. We would expect more from turkeys.

Wassup!!! In The UK

Sajid Iqbal

Violence in home every 6 seconds…. Fruits of the western civilisation!

A rape, beating or stabbing takes place in a home somewhere in Britain every 6 seconds, a police survey has revealed.

Every 3 days, a woman is killed by domestic violence and police receive 1,300 calls from victims of violence in the home everyday - more than half a million a year.

They range from cuts and stab injuries to bleeding after being kicked during pregnancy, throats being slashed with razor blades and bruising…. the wests gift to women. More than 88,000 people were assaulted by strangers' last year- up nearly 30% on 1997.

Robberies were up 14% to 353,000, many carried out by teenagers. Bi heck, aren't we lucky to live in a safe country like Britain!!!!

Man Of All Time!

Sajid Iqbal

There is no other man who has influenced life for all times. There is no other man who is a perfect role model for all humans for all times. There is no other man who has given rights to people of every society for all times.

So who is it then? Einstein, Darwin, Marx, Socrates, Newton, Plato, Freud… (who?).

OK, is it Jesus, Moses, Napoleon, Julius Caesar, Gandhi, Guru Nanak, Hari Krishna, Buddha, Hitler, Lenin, Mussolini, Stalin, Churchill, Martin Luther King, Shakespeare, Abraham Lincoln…. Or even (God forbid) Ali G, Tu Pac, Michael Jackson, Bob Marley, Princess Diana, David Beckam or Pele?

If you think it’s any of the above then you’re either not sober(too many pints, if you know what I’m saying) or you simply don’t know your history.

The Day That Changed My Life... Forever!

Sister Khadijah

Unbeknown to me 1996 was a year in which my life would change dramatically.

I was in the second year of my post-qualifying job and generally speaking my life was relatively okay. I had many plans for my future - of travelling the world and earning lots of money.

However my plans did not seem to correspond with what Allah (swt) had planned for me. And much to the shock and horror of my family and friends I embraced Islam at Regents Park Mosque, London.

Prior to embracing Islam I had never had any contact with Muslims and I literally did not know anything about Islam except what I had seen on TV. Moving from a rural area to a city to study was to lead to my first encounter with the Muslim community.

The Revival World News - August 2000

Sajid Iqbal

By The Revival Foreign Correspondent Team. A look back at the main events in the world over the last month or so… from a Muslim viewpoint for a change.

SYRIA: Hafiz al Assad passes away

Known as the ‘Lion’ of the Middle East (probably by his mate Clinton), Hafiz al Assad passed away rocking the peace process further and putting in doubt Israel’s eventual return of the Golan Heights. We hope that President Bashar follows the policy of being harsh on the Muslims enemies and soft on his people unlike his predecessors. But for some reason that isn’t gonna happen is it?

What's Goin on?

Sajid Iqbal

Compiled by The Revival’s Foreign Correspondent Team. This is our new regular news feature to digest with your tea and cookies!

Chechnya: Slaughter of the Lambs

Media reports have proven that Russia has committed crimes against humanity. In a report by a British news group, a film was shot of Russian soldiers covering a mass grave. It has also been reported that all Chechan males fleeing Grozny aged between 16 and 60 were detained by Russian troops.

British Muslims supporting the Chechen Mujahideen pose a threat to Russia serious enough to warrant regular intelligence gathering on their activities, the Russian Ambassador to London claimed according to one British newspaper.

Turkey of the Month - April 2000

Sajid Iqbal

Who do you think has been a complete idiot over the last month or so?

Who’s insulted Islam and the Muslims? Who’s hit the headlines for the wrong reason? The Revival has nominated:

Vladimir Putin, Acting President of Russia.

A nutcase who’s only aim is to destroy Islam and the Muslims in Chechnya. He is responsible for the genocide, mass rape and torture of innocent Muslims.

Who d’you think deserves to be the ‘TURKEY OF THE MONTH’ ?

Property of Allah

Sajid Iqbal

Muhammad Ali, Malcolm X, Mike Tyson, Chris Eubank, Niel Armstrong, Nicolas Anelka, Hakeem Olajuwon, Jemima Khan, Yusuf Islam… and the list is endless.

These are just some of the famous personalities who had all the money, power, luxuries, enjoyment and fame you could ever imagine but they only found real happiness and inner peace once they embraced Islam and gave up everything for the sake of their Creator.

Now you could be thinking whilst scratching your head and with your mouth wide open, what made these extremely rich and famous individuals embrace Islam?