Wassup!!! In The UK

Sajid Iqbal

Violence in home every 6 seconds…. Fruits of the western civilisation!

A rape, beating or stabbing takes place in a home somewhere in Britain every 6 seconds, a police survey has revealed.

Every 3 days, a woman is killed by domestic violence and police receive 1,300 calls from victims of violence in the home everyday - more than half a million a year.

They range from cuts and stab injuries to bleeding after being kicked during pregnancy, throats being slashed with razor blades and bruising…. the wests gift to women. More than 88,000 people were assaulted by strangers' last year- up nearly 30% on 1997.

Robberies were up 14% to 353,000, many carried out by teenagers. Bi heck, aren't we lucky to live in a safe country like Britain!!!!

Make your voice count…….if any one can……..YOU can

Remember that Marks & Spencer's ad of that naked woman shouting Alleluliah, well it was banned because 47% of the public complained that it was 'pornographic'.

The Broadcasting Standards Agency said that the majority of the complaints came from Muslims who argued that the ad was shameful and corrupting.

Also there was a rise in complaints about too much sex scenes on telly. The programmes which came under attack the most were This Life and Queer as Folk.

So as Muslims if we see anything on telly(including ads of naked woman during day time), billboards, magazines etc that is damaging for the society and Muslims in particular then it is our duty to speak up and complain.

Complain to:
Broadcasting Standards Commission: 0207 808 1000,
email :

First Secondary school to be funded… About time too, mate!

Education Secretary David Blunkett announced that Fecersham College Muslim Girls School in Bradford will be getting Government funding. The Governmnet will give more than £5 million to the promoters Muslim Association of Bradford to support the school.

Feversham is the 3rd Muslim school to get government funding. There are over 80 Muslim independent schools in the UK

Blair! Ban the nuns first…

Colindale Primary School in northwest London is not allowing Muslim children to wear the hijab.

'At the moment it is not within our uniform policy', said Head Teacher Ieuan Renownden. This a serious issue now in the west so all parents and kids should make it clear to their schools that hijab is part of our way of life.

To ban the hijab is breaching the Human Rights Act which allows freedom of practicing one's religion, which is also the European law. Those western governments who are oppressing Muslims by banning the head scarf, they should firstly ban their nuns (women clergy) from wearing the exact dress code which is prescribed for Muslim women.

Britain : Champion of Women equality?

"Woman are weaker than men!!!!!!!"…

No this is not the statement of a 'mad mullah', it was the message given by British MPs on British TV, saying that women are psychologically and emotionally weaker than men, so they should not be allowed to go to the front line and fight alongside men.

Where is the equality, which we hear of, from these people when they are criticising Islam. Keep in touch with what's going down in the UK: check out