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Wassup!!! In The UK

Sajid Iqbal

Violence in home every 6 seconds…. Fruits of the western civilisation!

A rape, beating or stabbing takes place in a home somewhere in Britain every 6 seconds, a police survey has revealed.

Every 3 days, a woman is killed by domestic violence and police receive 1,300 calls from victims of violence in the home everyday - more than half a million a year.

They range from cuts and stab injuries to bleeding after being kicked during pregnancy, throats being slashed with razor blades and bruising…. the wests gift to women. More than 88,000 people were assaulted by strangers' last year- up nearly 30% on 1997.

Robberies were up 14% to 353,000, many carried out by teenagers. Bi heck, aren't we lucky to live in a safe country like Britain!!!!