The Revival magazine- what do you REALLY think?



with the new revival mag coming out in ramadan i thought its best to get some views on what ppl thought of the mag....

have people read it in the past?

do ppl read it on line?

what did you think of the earlier issues? and what about the last few?

it hasnt been printed for a year or 2 but before that have people seen it out and about?

what do you think works with the revival?

what needs improving?

do you think it tackles the real issue sfacing the youth?

Is it time to deal with more mature issues?

your views/feedback pls




Catherine Heseltine is someone you would have seen on the mainstream media like BBC or Sky News representing Islam and the Muslims. Catherine is the CEO of Muslim Public Affairs Committee (MPAC) and she had a good old chat with The Revivals’ Iram Ramzan.

Despite standing on her feet for half a day, Catherine Heseltine’s mission in talking to every single Muslim about the importance of getting active in politics and media did not diminish.
And nor did her trademark smile.

5 Simple Steps to Lobby the Media

By Zulfi Bukhari

Are you angry at the media coverage about Islam?

Imagine right now that you are a non-Muslim who knows nothing about Islam. Most of the information you receive about Islam is through the media and over 90% of this is negative. What would you eventually start to think about Islam and Muslims? You would start to think they are a bunch of hate-filled extremists who are a threat to Britain, your children and the world at large. This image would slowly chip away at the tolerance in your brain and you would eventually want to destroy that threat. Yes you would.

The year that was: 2007

By Irfan Jalil

This article never made it into issue 11 due to space concerns. It is now available as an extra bonus for our online readers.

So, what events affected Muslims in 2007? No, the Danish cartoons were 2006. So was Jack Straw's niqaab hoo-ha. If you think the only thing that happened in 2007 was Benazir Bhutto's assassination then you really haven't been keeping up with news, have you?

Blame It On The Media!

By Irfan Jalil

"The media" eh? God bless it. It's normally a popular subject at the sheesha joints. We can blame it for all the ills of the world.

We'd love to have a good old bash, but someone realised that we, "The Revival", are part of the media too. The magazine. The website. The interviews. It's all a part of the media. So we toned it all down and decided to concentrate on other media outlets.

The media has a strong influence on public opinion. It provides not only information but ways of looking at the world. It informs and influences. Issues about Muslims are very often shaped by the media.

Who Will You Stand With?

Naheem Zaffar

“...and then one day when the air is still and the night has fallen, they come for you. It’s only then you realise while you are talking about organising and committees, the extermination has already begun. Make no mistake my brothers, they will draw first blood. They will force their cure upon us. The only question is will you join my brotherhood and fight? Or wait for the inevitable genocide? Who will you stand with...?”

The Revival: On the Map!

Zahid Maqbool, Media Spokesman for The Revival has his day in the media spotlight after attending a meeting with Home Office Minister Hazel Blears.

'I am cordially invited to a meeting of the Interfaith forum at the grand location of the council chambers in Oldham.' That’s what my email invite says.