5 Simple Steps to Lobby the Media

By Zulfi Bukhari

Are you angry at the media coverage about Islam?

Imagine right now that you are a non-Muslim who knows nothing about Islam. Most of the information you receive about Islam is through the media and over 90% of this is negative. What would you eventually start to think about Islam and Muslims? You would start to think they are a bunch of hate-filled extremists who are a threat to Britain, your children and the world at large. This image would slowly chip away at the tolerance in your brain and you would eventually want to destroy that threat. Yes you would.

So, as a Muslim are you still going to sit back and allow the hate and fear against Muslims to filter in or are you going to counter it? Because you definitely can counter it. Here are some simple starting steps below:

  1. Watch the media – read the papers and make sure you are up to date with what’s going on especially with regards to anything affecting Muslims. You as a Muslim should be doing this on a daily basis anyway. Don’t you want to know what affects you?
  2. If the coverage of a story about Muslims is negative don’t just moan about it to your family, pick up the phone to the relevant media outlet that have covered the story and complain against it, backing your points with relevant facts to present the correct picture. Ask them to call you back, this generates more work for them and they have to take you seriously!
  3. Be polite and firm and speak clearly.
  4. You can also email the relevant media with your complaint. Make sure your email is short and to the point. Do not ramble, make your point succinctly and clearly.
  5. Most importantly get your family and friends to do the same!
    It only takes 10 people calling in with a complaint before the media has to lodge it and only 50 before it goes to the directors and they take action. There are 2 million Muslims in the UK. We can easily round up 50 people to make a complaint just amongst our own friends and family.

It’s as simple as that. A phone call takes only 3 minutes of your time and an email approximately 5 minutes. All main media contact details can be found on their relevant websites and it only takes 10 seconds to do a quick Google search!

Are you in doubt as to whether it will work? Well, kill those doubts now by attending one of the Media Mosque Workshops that are being held in various Mosques in Manchester and London. Meet experienced activists who will share their experiences and successes and will provide simple and practical solutions to combating prejudice, and educating you on how the media works and how you can help your portrayal in the media.

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