Dear MPAC UK: You are utter morons!

I decided to go to the website today to see what they were saying.

They seem to be a pretty active place, so a good place to catch up on news, especially comment on George Galloways's victory in the by election in Bradford.

George Galloway is a pretty well liked politician

Instead I come across a smear campaign against the local Labour candidate. I think his main crime was being the Labour candidate standing against George Galloway - he was probably the candidate probably even before George Galloway had announced his intention to stand.

If MPACUK wants to hold the Muslim community account...

who is it that holds to account?

Let's create an imaginary scenario... there is a massive leak of documents detailing how Saudi Arabia, Oman, Egypt etc are more or less begging the US (or even Israel, they don't care who does it as long as it is done) to attack Iran and stop "their evil" from spreading.

What do MPAC focus on? "" and "".

When pointing this out on tribune, someone asked of MPAC "Why do they keep repeating stuff that we've already heard?"

5 Simple Steps to Lobby the Media

By Zulfi Bukhari

Are you angry at the media coverage about Islam?

Imagine right now that you are a non-Muslim who knows nothing about Islam. Most of the information you receive about Islam is through the media and over 90% of this is negative. What would you eventually start to think about Islam and Muslims? You would start to think they are a bunch of hate-filled extremists who are a threat to Britain, your children and the world at large. This image would slowly chip away at the tolerance in your brain and you would eventually want to destroy that threat. Yes you would.

Too Scared To Be Muslim On Campus?

By Zulfi Bukhari

This September a new intake of Muslim students will head towards the brave new world of university and they will be greeted by lurid newspaper headlines stating “Muslim Extremism on Campus!” and “Campus of Terror!” These stories will all be published within fresher’s week and will run in most of the national newspapers. How do I know this? Because this is what happened last year, and the year before and the one before that too.