If MPACUK wants to hold the Muslim community account...

who is it that holds to account?

Let's create an imaginary scenario... there is a massive leak of documents detailing how Saudi Arabia, Oman, Egypt etc are more or less begging the US (or even Israel, they don't care who does it as long as it is done) to attack Iran and stop "their evil" from spreading.

What do MPAC focus on? "" and "".

When pointing this out on tribune, someone asked of MPAC "Why do they keep repeating stuff that we've already heard?"

They seem to be a little obsessed with Israel.

MPAC, where is your focus on events that are non Israel related? Israel is not the whole of Muslim Public affairs, infact, targetting Israel is. I am not suggesting that it does not need to be held to account - it does, but that does not mean dropping the ball on everything else.

EDIT - for the quick response.