Islam For The 21ST Century Dude!

Sajid Iqbal


"…Islam is out of date. It's 1400 years old, man…. And it's out of touch for today's society…" That's right… and I'm the Queens mum (…really…), Posh Spice can sing and Michael Barrymore is straight!

Listen mate, Islam is for all times and is the only faith, ideology and system, which deals with each and every aspect of life. Islam gives us a clear viewpoint on modern issues in the 21st century from abortion to homosexuality, organ transplantation to human cloning, and euthanasia to contraception. In this issue we will deal with abortion, homosexuality and promiscuity.


So, what does Islam say about promiscuity? …prom what! - errr… that's sleeping around to me and you mate, you know one night stands, the dating scene and so on .

Unity Through Diversity (Ar Rihla Course - July 2001)

Br. Saqib Ilyas

p>The Sub-editor of The Revival - Br. Saqib Ilyas- attended the Rihla Deen intensive course that was held in July at the Zaytuna Institute in California (USA), founded by Shaykh Hamza Yusuf. Here's his personal account, check it out:

The 3-week course was based on the theme of "Unity through Diversity" where talks concentrated on matters of Fiqh (Jurispudence), unity through our diverse ways and simply on the importance of understanding and learning Traditional Islam.

The course attracted several hundred dedicated brothers and sisters from all corners of the world bringing together people of all colours, races and cultures under the banner of Islam.

Muslims: Public Enemy No.1?

Sajid Iqbal

Since Tuesday 11th September the blame for the Terrorist attacks in America has been placed on Islam and the Muslims. Muslims have been accused of being terrorist, violent and fanatics.

Islam has been portrayed as a religion that supports and promotes terrorism. As a result Muslim individuals, Mosques and Islamic centres have been attacked, abused and humiliated throughout the World.

So, have America and its allies, the media and the ordinary folk of the western world declared a war against terrorism or is it against the Muslims of the world and the faith of 1.2 billion followers worldwide?

One should ponder seriously over the following crucial points:

Do You Know This Man?


What a year, was 570 A.D.
A person was born, a prophet to be
Muhammad (saw), that was his name
People were misguided and that's when he came
He would go on to leave all the idols behind
He was to be an example to all of mankind
Rabbi-al-Awal the 12th, that was the day
He came to this world to show us the way
He was born in Mecca, the holiest place
A life full of challenges he was to face
Abdullah (ra) his father, had by then passed away
Leaving Amina(ra) his mother, in her arms he lay
Haalima Sadia, took over his care
Until he was six, our prophet was there
His mother then died, he was left all alone
Abdul Muttalib (ra) his grand-dad, then made him his own

A Duaa A Day Keeps The Devil Away!


Let me tell all of you a simple duua
After answering the call of nature say Ghaffranaka(1)

When goin in to do the above, don't think twice
Just say Allahumaini auzubika minal khubsi val khubais(2)

Before eating anything, start with Bismillah(3)
And end with Shukur Al Hamdullilah(4)

When a sneeze comes your way, say Al Hamdullilah(5)
And on hearing this everyone say Yar Hamoo KullahDiablo

On remembering a bad deed, while cruising in your car
With a sincere heart just repent and say Asthagh-firullah!(7)

The Great Journey


Ticket: one-way (return ticket not available.)

Cost: absolutely free.

Reservation: confirmed.

Eligibility: Son or Daughter of Adam.

Details of journey: Departure point: anywhere on earth.

Destination: out of this world

Accommodation: to be temporarily rested in two meters of space.

Duration: eternity

Time of departure: time of death.

Interview with Rasjid Skinner


Al-Haj Abdur-Rasjid Skinner embraced Islam 25 years ago. He is married to a Muslim and has six children. With Degrees in Psychology he currently works in Bradford Hospitals as a 'Consultant Clinical Psychologist'.

He is standing for the Conservative Party in Pendle in the upcoming General Elections (2001)Insha'Allah.

Sajid Iqbal, editor-The Revival, caught up with him for a chat and began by asking what made him embrace Islam?

Famous 5


Here are 5 sayings of the Prophet (saw), which are directed to each and every one of us.

1. The Prophet said: 'The world is a prison for a believer and Paradise for the disbeliever.'

2. Narrated Abu Musa (RA): Some people asked Allah's messenger Sallallahu Alaihi Wa Sallam (Peace and Blessings be upon him) 'Who is a very good Muslim'? He replied: 'One who avoids harming the Muslims with his tongue and hands.'

3. Narrated Abu Hurraira (RA) Allah's Messenger said: 'By Him in whose Hands my life is, none of you will have faith till he loves me more than his father and his children.'