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Free Quran Intensive Ebrahim College London (2 weekends)



To attend this course for free:

  1. You need to be one of the first 300 people to register – so register now!
  2. You need to complete the registration by paying the course fees
  3. You need to attend all 4 days of the course
  4. As long as you have done all of the above, we will refund you the full course fees after the course ends. Thats it.

As part of our mission, we try to make Islamic education as widely available as possible and this Ramadan we wish to have as many people as possible benefit from the Ramadan Quran Intensive. So we are giving away 300 places for free.

An Noor Masjid presents: Muslims losing their identity (LONDON)

Sunday, 5 February 2012
16:30 until 19:30

58-70 Church Road, Acton, London W3 8PP

Annoor Masjid Presents Muslims losing their identity:
Where's your loyalty? by Murtaza Khan (Islamic University of Islamabad)
Real men, Real role Models by Fahad Sabri (Medina University)

Date: Sunday 5th of February 2012
Time: from 16.30 onwards

Location: 58-70 Church Road, Acton, London W3 8PP

Nearest Tube Station: Acton Town (Piccadilly line)
Other: Acton Central Station (Overground)
Bus: 607, 427, 440, 207, 266, 70 and E3

For information please contact:


Im finding it so hard to get a balance right now, really hard and i dnt knw how to change it!

I guess since i just started uni it might take me a while to get a routine going, but tbh i dont think i even had the right balance before. But i want it, i need it or i shall fear for the little bit of sanity tht i DO posses! The plus side this time is tht im slightly more organised and not as lazy.

Du'a - The weapon of the believer: (FINAL) PART 20

Salaam! Biggrin

Tis the final one ladies and gents! I knw..lets take a moment..ok moment gone!

(I didn't make a seperate blog for the conclusion even though long, cos 20's such a nice round nr, dont ya think? Biggrin Anyhoo! Don't feel obliged to read it all in one go or be put of from reading it all together! That would be a shame since its a nice read and you've come this far, might as well finish it!)

September 19th: Chapter 16 - Innovations of Du'a

1. Habitually Reading Specified Du'as which are not Found in the Sunnah

Du'a - The weapon of the believer: PART 19

Salaam! Biggrin

(yh, I knw what ur thinking..bout time! Good things are worth waiting for they say right? Blum 3 )

September 15th: Chapter 14 - Du'a and its Relationship with Destiny

The topic of du'a and its relationship with destiny (qadr) is a very important one, and around which much confusion exists. Many people ask "If everything has already been destined to occur, then of what use is du'a, if Allah has written what I want, I will get it without making du'a, and if it is not written for me, then I will never get it no matter how much du'a I make?"

The response to this question lies in understanding that the outcome of anything is dependent on the performance of the efforts that are necessary to procure it.

Du'a - The weapon of the believer: PART 18

Salaam! Biggrin

September 10th: Chapter 12 - Permissible Acts of Du'a

(Today is a very special day cos..I became the proud aunty of another baby boooy! Biggrin )

There are certain acts that people might presume are prohibited, but are in fact allowed. Some of these are listed below.

1. To Pray for a Person without Praying for One's Self

This is permissible since the prophet(saw) prayed for a number of Companions without making du'a for himself

2. To Wish for Death in Severe Circumstances

Du'a - The weapon of the believer : PART 17

Salaams! Biggrin

September 9th: Chapter 11 - The Wisdom Behind A Delayed Response

11. The Du'a Might Actually Have Been Responded To

The hadith where the prophet(saw) guaranteed that a person's du'a will be accepted has already been mentioned. However, the 'acceptance' might be in a manner that is not apparent.

It is possible that Allah will give him the reward of his du'a on the Day of Judgement, and this reward will be more beloved to him on that Day than the response of his du'a in this life.

It is also possible that Allah blesses him with something else that he did not ask for, as a result of his du'a. Lastly it is possible that Allah averts an evil that was predestined for him because of his du'a.

12. The Du'a Might be Weak

Du'a - The weapon of the believer : PART 16

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September 8th: Chapter 11 - The Wisdom Behind A Delayed Response continued

5. The Matter Might Bring Evil

Following up from the last point (Allah is the most wise), it is possible that Allah knows that a certain matter, although apparently might appear to bring good, in reality will lead to evil consequences. So a person might desire to have money, and in his heart he feels that he will spend this money for the sake of Allah, and yet Allah knows that if this person were to be given money, he would spend it in haram way, and that would ruin his iman.

Du'a - The weapon of the believer : PART 15

Salaam! Biggrin

September 5th: Chapter 11 - The Wisdom Behind a Delayed Response

A very important chapter so PAY ATTENTION!

It is indeed a great trial for a muslim to make du'a, sincerely continually for a long period of time, and yet see no sign of response.

Here, a person's iman in Allah is truly tested and here is the opportunity that Shaytan uses to try to sow his whispers, and plants his doubt in a believer's heart.

In this way a person might start thinking evil thoughts about his Creator, or start doubting the wisdom of the Divine Decree.