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Love thy neighbour

Like any country Britain has its mixture of the picturesque and the downright ugly, services and attitudes we can take pride in and some we find inadequate, things that work and things that don't. Culturally Britain has spearheaded progression in areas like industry, equality, justice and integration. Britain also has a colonial past, a mixture of strong values and selfish conquest. Today Britain seeks to make opportunities abundant for everyone who lives here.

Here we are. Do we love it? What if anything makes us proud to be British? What do we think?


[quote][url= giving to charities that back jihad, says Muslim editor
By Colin Freeman[/url]
(Filed: 10/07/2005)

The editor of the world's leading Arab newspaper has launched a scathing attack on Muslims in Britain for turning a blind eye to terrorist fund-raising activities on their own doorstep.

Writing in the wake of Thursday's bombings, Tariq Al-Humayd, the editor-in-chief of London-based [url=