BBC Radio 4 Documentary: "The Deobandis"

The Deobandis are virtually unknown to most British people, yet their influence is huge. As the largest Islamic group in the UK, they control over 40% of mosques and have a near monopoly on Islamic seminaries, which propagate a back-to-basics, orthodox interpretation of Islam...

The first episode was aired on BBC Radio 4 on 5 April 2016, with episode 2 to air on 12 April 2016.

I havent listened to it yet, but someone who has said it was quite damaging to the Muslim community as a whole.

Pakistan documentary saving face wins Oscar award

Saving Face is a 2011 documentary film about acid attacks on women. The film was directed by Sharmeen Obaid Chinoy and Daniel Junge. The film has been awarded the 2012 Academy Award for Best Documentary (Short Subject), making it director, Sharmeen Obaid-Chinoy, Pakistan's first Oscar winner.

It'll be released in March for UK market


[TV] My Brother the Islamist

Tree surgeon-turned-filmmaker Robb Leech is an ordinary white middle-class boy from the Dorset seaside town of Weymouth. So too is his stepbrother Rich, but a little over a year ago Rich became a radical Islamist who now goes by the name of Salahuddin. He associates with jihadist fundamentalists and believes the UK should be ruled by Sharia law.

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Muhammad (saw) The Final Legacy


"Muhammad(P.B.U.H) The Final Legacy" is Islam Channel’s first epic drama film series. It is filmed in Arabic with English subtitles with over 203 Syrian, Jordanian and Lebanese famous artists.

The series depicts the main key events that occurred in the life of Muhammad , starting from the day Abdul Muttalib (his grandfather) looked after him as an orphan after the death of his father through to the day the great leader of Mankind passed away.

The production budget exceeded $2.000.000. Nevertheless, neither high production, nor high cast can portray the greatness of our beloved Prophet Muhammad .