I Cannot Be Ignorant When - Arab Revoloutions

I want my children to be raised not in a cage, nor on the street,
& when they’re fighting for their rights, they will be stable on their feet,
In the spirit of the Arabs who will not settle for defeat,
as the legacy of those who died before victory was achieved.

I feel the pain when my brothers are killed by the tyrants,
Cus if they are not free then I am not either,
And I still feel the pain when my sisters are silenced,
Cus out on the street, they are subject to violence,
I feel the pain when a father’s blood stains the face of his child.
& runs through the street, so they see red for many miles,
Others lie in the street with their fists in the sky,
The souls may leave but the spirit will never die,
When a man no longer fears death, he will fight,

They're bombing for peace. -Libya

Hear they go again; they are bombing for peace,
In Libya they were fighting to bring the regime to its knees,
They wanted Gaddafi weak so they could force him to leave,
So please remember their cries before you choose what you believe,
Is it a coincidence they invaded Iraq today in 2003,
Or that they claimed they would help its people be free,
Remember goverments don’t fight for the sake of humanity,
C’mon believing that would truly be a form of insanity,
Did thy not sell weapons to Gaddafi to enforce his regime?
Or is just me who see’s that they are switching teams,
They said Iraq was invaded to rid the people of Sadam,
& now they bomb Libya to free the people of a man,
8 years on and look at the state of Iraq,
Do the people on Libya need to be victim to that?

Mic Righteous


i don't personally listen to music anymore and haven't for some time. saying that every now and then i stumble across a piece of music that appeals to me because of the lyrics themselves.

i believe music is haram but i do sometimes listen to a certain song because of what the person is saying in their lyrics. do you think it makes me a hypocrite by doing this.

i always tell my friends to stop listening to music but then sometimes, once in a longtime i listen to it just once and enjoy what the person is saying.

They make it hard to exist.

Peace is a question is the answer occupation?
Killing little children does it give them liberation?
preach equality while your soldiers oppress a nation
What would your heart say if you had to face them
Leave the legacy of death in the soil of the earth
Play life like a game like we’re blind to it’s worth
Here they leave flowers for the dead in the cemeteries.
Imagine civilians deaths & not knowing if they were buried.
We treat life like a game like we’re blind to the pain
When millions still fight for their right to remain
In their homes as they go down with the rain
Cus bombs fall everyday from their military planes
That swarm in their skies and are ending their lives
And you can witness the fear that lives in their minds

Civillisation is the art of bieng civil.

I opened my eyes to the injustice & lies,
To see people denied of the right to live their lives.
& others who were terrorised till they became dehumanised,
& children in fear who doubted they'd live through the night,
After freeing my mind I began to realise,
My life didnt compare to those who continuously fight.
Negative energy does nothing but breed enemies,
So I say I'm positive you won't see the end of me,
people are corrupt & the world is unjust,
like peace was a vision that was left to rust,
The seed of revoloution was planted in my mind,
& if you were to question me that is what you'd find,
Meaning now I cannot be blind to the pain & the wars,
& I cannot stand silent whilst they're planning many more,

As We Grow (Worlds Song) (Add To It People) :)

As we grow in this world of devastating lies
In which we're comforted by the corruption and fail to realise
how many more times are we made to see blindly?
Many More?
No not many more as we realise how blind we've become
but fail to act as we act to wana do more
more for who?
more for me or more for you?
too many questions or too little answers
no! just our eyes closed for to long
we're dreaming of a closed world of just us, our ears closed to the cries of its song.

(add to it people)
create your own verse and continue the poem in the comments Smile

Frustration in my mind, I channel it through my art, I’m battling with my demons, while they try to take my heart,

Frustration in my mind, I channel it through my art,
I’m battling with my demons, while they try to take my heart,
Got gifts from above call it the heart of a lion
My mind is alive on overdrive cus I am defiant
Call me Lioness cus my heart is known as stronger,
Say that you’ve bin fighting but I’ve known this shit for longer,
My heart is with those whose names I do not know,
But at night I see it in their eyes, there is fear & it grows,
Because their homes were bombed & now their children cry,
& nobody understands cus everybody’s hearing lies,
So I feel to fight with every breathe that I take,
Fighting for their justice, I’ll pave me a way
I’ll fight for your Liberation & I’ll die in its name,
As long as something that I do takes away some pain,

My pen is promised word's till all my people are free

My pen is promised word's till all my people are free
Truth pumps in my arteries causing my page to bleed,
While i'm sat here with a future & a million choices,
I write for the people who aint got no voices,
They dictate their lives, souls & thier minds,
But who can hide the fear in their hearts & their eyes,
Speak to a sister who hasn't got no voice,
& the child who has never played with a toy,
the men who were stripped of their wives & their pride,
when the soldiers arrived & they ended their lives,
I guess it's time that we unite & realise,
That we are living our lives surrounded by their lies,
The media show us what they need us to beleive,
& the papers only write what they want us to read,
The worlds globalised where do they end the community,

You know i bleed blood & you do it too, So why make out I'm so different to you

i wanaa make make change but i dunoe where to start
Know i feel it in my pulse with every beat of my heart,
Look at the world, to me it seems like insanity,
people leaving home, to gain a new nationality,
Thinking of change, of a place that is better,
The smile on your daughter when you last met her,
Running from the world, to just get a few p,
What do you see when your looking at me?
Asian, Black, White, yellow or not that,
Stereotype like you know what it is- it's a fact,
We do it too, but admit that it's gotta change,
Cus underneath the skin you know we're all the same,
I got a heart, pumping blood to my brain,
You get a cut & your feeling the pain,
You know i bleed blood & you do it too,
So why make out i am so different to you?

It just hurts me to see innocent, people diseased, By a world that constantly dictates what we're meant to beleive

I see society divided like a wall is in place
Like everybody hates, but they do in diferent ways
Im a differnt colour so it means i aint the same
Proudly diverse so they dont wana know my name
I see politics but democracy is evidently lies
They say theyre fixing up but unemployments gona rise
Take away my voice cus you took away my rights
When you put me in this cage & made me settle for the lies
Why do i see things differently to the brother by my side
Why did i loose my strength when i sat and i cried
Education, is my right but it comes with a price,
& when people start to fight, they're takin their lives,
So i'm trying to find what is it that i gota realise,
cus i need to understand before i start to fight,
they are creating an upperclass educated elite,