So its hard to resist & its harder to exist, When you can't see the truth cus it's coverd by the mist,

they leave flowers for the dead in their cemetaries,
civilians die but nobody knows if they were even buried,
Treating life like a game, like we're blind to the pain,
When millions still fight for their right to remain,
In their homes, when theyre going down with the rain,
& the bombs fall every day from them military planes,
that swarm in their sky's, and are ending their lives,
& everyday you see the fear that lives in their minds,
But they live & they fight, see the courage in their eyes,
& it circles their minds when sit down at night,
years go by and we are still beleiving the lies?,
Why are we blind to it when the whole nation cries.

They take a minute silence to remember the losses,
& mothers leave letters for sons in mailboxes,

Islam Against The World (Created By Me) Let me know what you think made couple of years ago =)

What has this world come to?
UK residents a national breakthrough,
But its still a messed up society where its Islam against da world,
little boys getting killed and dey rape da girls.
We dont understand what its like to be muslim,
by not following our religion we're attacking da islamic system.
and how can we call ourselves muslim when we do da same as all da uvers?
we drink blaze mix and we still call ourselves brothers.
Well close your eyes and picture judgement day
well what do you think your mind body and soul would say?
and im not saying dat im so perfect but everyone knows dat keeping knowledge is all worth it.
and at da end we aint all perfect people,
but move a step forward by treating people equal,
and treat islam for what it is and not just a word

Whats appenin here, was there a problem with the midset,

What's your name and your date of birth then,
F*** you officer i aint done nothing wrong,
just another youth getting stopped on the regular,
checking, you harassing, don't need to but they question you
thats the kinda thing that i was getting used to,
If it aint the block then the fam will try to move you,
Even in the summer the block is fully dark and cold,
Behind the caravan in the alley weed is sold,
It's hard to take a right step, hard for you to grow,
Hard when your closest bredrin becomes your darakest foe,
Whats appenin here, was there a problem with the midset,
Why's noone ever sayin owt, the street isn't irrelevant,
Your child's on the pavement, nikey kicks & 95 jeans,
Would you want them in a movie, shot on another crime scene,

Lowkey- Terrorist? [Music Video by GlobalFaction]


They're calling me a terrorist
Like they don't know who the terror is
When they put it on me, I tell them this
I'm all about peace and love
They calling me a terrorist
Like they don't know who the terror is
Insulting my intelligence
Oh how these people judge..

It seems like the Rag-heads and Paki's are worrying your Dad
But your dad's favourite food is curry and kebab
It's funny but it's sad how they make your mummy hurry with her bags
Rather read The Sun than study all the facts
Tell me, what's the bigger threat to human society
BAE Systems or home made IED's
Remote controlled drones killing off human lives
Or man with home made bomb committing suicide

Sami Yusuf ---- Try not to cry lyrics :) love this song .....x

You, you're not aware
That we're aware
Of your despair
Don't show your tears
To your oppressor
Don't show your tears

Try not to cry little one
You're not alone
I'll stand by you
Try not to cry little one
My heart is your stone
I'll throw with you

'Ayn Jalut where David slew Goliath
This very same place that we be at
Passing through the sands of times
This land's been the victim of countless crimes
From Crusaders and Mongols
To the present aggression
Then the Franks, now even a crueller oppression
If these walls could speak,
Imagine what would they say

For me in this path that I walk on
There's only one way
Bullets may kill, bones may break
Still I throw stones like David before me and I say


You, you're not aware

GangCulture :/ ---- Wrote this poem myself, R.I.P all those who have suffered!!

FOR ALL THOSE YOUTHS - brothers, sons and friends Sad you will always be remebered!!!

You won’t tell me how its been
How you’ve lived, what you’ve seen

But the walls speak of the pain
The street shows me your gain
Your “boys” don’t give a toss

Your cell number shows me your loss …..

But your eyes tell me your story
Your gang warfare and so called glory

A stab wound, a slash, right on his chest
Ya boys are buzzin
What will it be next ….

Your pockets getting heavy
Your egos getting bigger
You thinking your solid
Then somebody call you n****r

Your anger and pain get blown out of proportion
Plus your all high
Buying crack for extortion

You wanna kill him
Cuz you think you’re all fly
Shoot him to the ground

the right, the wrong, the loved, the hated, A dream, A vision, is this all over-rated?

the better the worse the pure the tainted,
the birth the death the torture it came with,
Inferior superior the thoughts of a racist,
Is it civilised in the city where you walk on the pavement,
Lost a couple fam & they couldn't control me,
Picked up my pen my own thoughts consoled me,
Written on the pages in the ink is my life,
I don't do this for fun it's time we realised,
A voice, a sound, a beat dya hear it?
A truth, A reality, is that what were fearing?
Open your eyes, & your mind it is time,
If we wasn't blinded would we'see the sign.
Look at humanity, do we see reality?
why does it all come back to the fear of calamity,
Look up, look out, see the clouds in the sky,
Concrete cage is my home, wheres the peace in my mind,

Me, i'm here, and i'm now and im writing,

Theres no bloood bond but theres love this is fate to me, We don't share heritage but i hope through my words you relate to me

What u got in your heart bruv, can you Decide?
I can represent places like iraq and palestine with pride

May the 15th 5 hundred & thirty villages depopulate,
The IDF do worse today and that was nineteen fourty eight
Gaza's crying in the middle east but has the world moved
The UN can't do anything until obama has approved
Whats do you know of the blockade on the Gaza strip
Know my heart goes out to those on each and every ship
May the 31st the day not aid bt blood reached the shores
respect to the burried who's leagacy's will see an end to the wars
Rachel Corrie's now a sign of courage & good will,
She was too a girl with a great dream to fulfill,
Died as she tried to save a family home from destruction,
By the same people guilty, of war crimes, deaths, & abduction.

I know your not here yet

i know you're not here yet but you'll hear this,
death is defnite so don't don't fear it,
When i'm gone don't do as i did, do as i say,
Your life is a test so do it your own way,
I wasn't perfect, never think that i was,
Every move that i made, i did it beacause,
well i don't know with hindsight you might tell me,
or someday someone out there might realise and bell me,
But i don't know yet so say the storys begun,
May not be as important as the daily rise of the sun,
But what i read on it's pages i think that its done,
cus truth is well, all this writing was it written for fun?
Logic don't apply, so really why they telling me?
I'm a human not an object so you won't be selling me,
Materialisms one disease disguised as another,

Can you still string a few words together?

can you still string a few words together?
Is the force that hit you way lighter than a feather,
DO i have to write these words ina rhythm to be rap
For there to be running water do i need a tap?
surley before there was a way that i called mine,
Cus it feels somethings lost & i cannot find,
Realised something for the future to ignore my past,
Things are flying by is time moving to fast?
No, its an illusion or thats what theyre telling me,
But whats really in these products that theyre sellin me
Wana bar, shall we catch a bite to eat?
No, because it's like you took the ground under my feet,
Shook it up put it back & something was missing,
& now i'm left here & i dont know why im wishing,
In the night i wana see the stars but i dont see them,