My pen is promised word's till all my people are free

My pen is promised word's till all my people are free
Truth pumps in my arteries causing my page to bleed,
While i'm sat here with a future & a million choices,
I write for the people who aint got no voices,
They dictate their lives, souls & thier minds,
But who can hide the fear in their hearts & their eyes,
Speak to a sister who hasn't got no voice,
& the child who has never played with a toy,
the men who were stripped of their wives & their pride,
when the soldiers arrived & they ended their lives,
I guess it's time that we unite & realise,
That we are living our lives surrounded by their lies,
The media show us what they need us to beleive,
& the papers only write what they want us to read,
The worlds globalised where do they end the community,
& where do i begin speaking when i'm mentioning unity,
I wana see peace, no more corruption & wars,
But where we talk about ending they're starting many more,
Iraq, cries out many words but we aint hearing them all,
They may be dropping bombs but the courageous won't fall,
I wish to see a better planet, replace all the hate,
But maybe it's not somethign that is written in my fate,
I'll fight all the same cus i'm not blind to the pain,
& leave the legacy behind for those who remain,
The struggle is the same, Maybe named another name,
But the future will be better, cus they'll see this aint a game.



I love your writing! You relay very strong messages, but it carries simplicity that makes people want to keep reading---> did that make any sense at all?!!Anyways, it's a great combination that is kinda rare. Keep at it and much love!

thats sounds quite hard you know
liking the bars there

The Wisest of Man Is Not The One Who Knows, But The One Who Seeks Knowledge In Order To Perform

if you can get me some chocolate that would be great.