Too Late. Try To Understand

I haven't been on here much because I been feeling really down.
I just made this blog as a way of talking about it.

I know what many of you would say about 'LOVE out of marriage' and 'LOVE MARRIAGES' but in my case I think I was a little late as I fell in love with someone before marriage a long while ago and we broke up because her parents don't want her to marry somebody who is not of their language, Me. We broke up but I still love her and wish to marry her still.
Her parents did not put anything religious into the matter but how she should marry somebody who is the same language as they are. the funny thing is her parents have soo much in difference on cultures and she's mix raced.

I really hate this feeling but it gets harder every day.

Exam time HELP PLEASE!!!

Assalaamu'alaikoum, need a few tips and tops about being studying/exam time but with the added Muslim Factor.

stuff like "keep your intention clean" blah blah..any tips,links,vids!! please!!!!!!

edit: HADITH HELP PLEASE!! im looking for the hadith about using youth before old age, time before you become busy etc.. jazakAllah for any help!!

99 Names of Allah

The Prophet (peace be upon him) said:

"Allah has ninety-nine names, one hundred less one. He who memorises them all by heart will enter Paradise."

[Bukhari, Volume 9, Book 93, Number 489]

Woooo! found and easy shortcut to Paradise!

I can remember WAY over 100 Arsenal player's names from the last few years, as well as what position they played, probably even their squad numbers, and remember which games they scored important goals in etc etc etc.

And I can remember WAY over 100 singers/artists/bands from my iTunes, along with being able to recognise their songs and which album each song is from etc etc etc

Talk On Emotions; Care To Help?


In my house we got a talk going on every week and my turns on sunday coming.
im planning to do a talk on emotions and how to deal with certain emotions and what islam says about it such as the duas and actions islam tells us to perform or recite during anger happiness sadness etc.
anyone got any ideas and care to help?...

Practicing Made Easy

hi omg i just had a thought when i was writing something
i have prayed in the past for Allah (swt) to help me become a better muslim.
and recently i keep having alot of thoughts to do with islam and right and wrong and the hereafter and the future and judgement day and soooo much and when i have these thoughts it actually feels soooo real.
it makes me want to be a better muslim and i mean a good muslim (ashamed to say im not that good). but i still find it hard when it should be easy for me by now.
has anyone got any tips on how they started praying 5 times a day or embraced islam properly? (as in not getting distracted with things that are wrong).

p.s another thought im having right now is


im at work at the moment.
At work everythings usually ok and everyones friendly
but there is this guy who isn't muslim and all he ever tries to do is make me convert to christianity.
hes also predicted i will turn christian by february 2012
help me people how do i shut him up?
and he never lets me talk and is always on about how jesus is god and how he has the power of jesus in him bla bla bla
when i mention the fact that Jesus (Isa) peace be upon him was a prophet he gets angry and defencive. he's a nice person overall and i dont want to have a fall out with him but how do i get him to understand islam and what do i say to him?....HELP!

Kensington Garden Winter Walk for Gaza

Muslim Hands Winter Walk is Back and taking place on Saturday 5th December 2009!

This year, set in the beautiful Kensington Gardens, in the heart of historic London, we invite you to wrap up warm, bring your family and friends and raise money in our 10 km sponsored walk. We’ll also be joined by Moazzam Begg, who will be supporting the cause and showing that we have not forgotten the continuing plight of victims suffering since the bombing. “Children in Gaza are growing up surrounded by broken buildings and a childhood full of difficult memories of losing parents and loved ones... the Winter Walk is a chance to show that we care for Gaza’s future as much as its past,” he describes.

Revival users - Please can you help me? (advice)

Asalaamualaikum, hope your all well & havin a blessed Ramadhan.

I am curently raising money for charity and needed some ADVICE OPINIONS, im sure someone can help?

1)Wat makes u give £ to charity
(wat words dig deep in you heart, then make you dig deep in ur pocket)?
2)Wat fundraising ideas/activities methods hav worked for u in the past?
3)Any other tips, advice, suggestions welcomed

(by the way charity is Orphan Care Home in Pakistan)

i would really appreciate your ideas, views, suggestions
amd look forward to hearing from you.
Thank you.