Why would you date. Lilly perspective.

Its not going ot be anything article worthy. just a quick thought i had today.


why would you EVER date a guy in secondary school or college?!

they are soooo not worth it.

they're stinky, weird, sport crazy, acne ridden, did i mention stinky? they talk weird, they word to describe it. and MORE IMPORTANTLY. they are FRICKING BROKE!


its beyond me why any girl would date a guy still in school.


let girls be girls and develop into awesome girls. let boys be boys, get some confidence, some height, some muscles, lose the spots, learn to speak (again) and get a job.


then in uni or whatever let them meet and be happy. married.


10 Secrets to a Happy Marriage

Alveena Salim

Apparently, love may be blind but marriage is the real eye-opener. Are you considering getting married or are already married? Wanna know how to keep your other half sweet? Have you been married for many years and wanna know how to put the spark back into your relationship? Check out The Revival’s 10 things that you need to do in order to have a happy marriage.

1. Role Expectation

Women, know your place! Only kidding. Truth is, you DO need to know what’s expected from you and vice versa. Even before you embark upon married life, both partners need to reach an agreement with regards to how the household responsibilities are divided and how they will behave towards each other.

Inner Battle

Truth's Razors

So it’s the last period of the day – English – and you’re waiting for everyone else to come into the room. You’ve looked forward to it the whole day, not because you’ve got some crazy obsession with Shakespeare or anything but because he sits in front of you.

You wonder if he thinks you’re pretty, it would be nice if he did. Maybe he talks about you to his friends like you constantly talk about him to yours. It’s weird every time you see him your heart becomes an acrobat and jumps. Ah, there’s a tingling feeling now that you’re thinking about him. Where is he? You look expectantly at the door as everyone spills into the room, and then busy yourself to make sure it’s not obvious that you’re waiting for someone.

New beginnings

By Aliyah Ali

I checked myself in the mirror for the last time... "First impression is last impression" my mothers familiar saying rang in my ears and I smiled at myself sure that my reflection was sure to attract the right crowd on my first day. I had carefully matched my hijab with my dress and handbag and was sure my jeans were baggy enough.

"Wow, you'll have no trouble making friends," gushed my younger sister. Nervous as I was I shrugged as though I couldn't care less but as soon as she was gone I began reciting the du'a I had been taught to bless me with good company.

Marriage expectations

So..what would "high expectations" be for you?

and...we were talking about difference between Criterias and Expectations. So what do you guys think the difference is?

where is the line drawn?

[size=9] dont hate on me for creating a new topic..i just thought it'd be better than posting on an old topic and making it into this LOoooonnng topic that next generation revivalers wont be bothered to read (as i have experienced myself :P) [/size]

Fatal Attraction

By Alveena Salim

Hey, check him out! He must be the fittest boy I’ve ever seen… let’s sit closer to get a better view. Gwaan check him out, but don’t be too obvious…"

"Phwoarrr! Did you see her walk by? I swear she was eyeing me up, innit! My mate reckons she's well easy!”

Sound familiar? Rating the ‘fitness’ of others is one of the most common time-pass in most schools, colleges, uni's and work places. “We’re only looking - it’s minor” is the defensive response of most. So the question arises “Is it really not a big deal?”