Issue 9: Aliyah & Jameela

By Sara Salim and Imaani Aslam

Jameela: As’salaam alaikum Sis. How you doin’?

Aliyah: Alright Jameela, where you at?

Jameela: Er… I’m good Alhamdulillah. What you been up to?

Aliyah: Not much, not much. Listen yeah, Ramadan’s starting soon innit?!

Jameela: Yep Sis, I can’t wait!!

Aliyah: Great!!! Not long now then. Iky says he wants to cool it during Ramadan. He says his Dad’s gonna be watching him like a hawk and he can’t risk gettin’ caught. Plus he says I’m gonna distract him, but I told him straight, look it ain’t my fault I’m so fit.

Jameela: I just love the whole atmosphere in Ramadan, I’ve been really looking forward to it.

Rulings of Ghusl


What are the rulings of ghusl(bath)? When does it become compulsory to have ghusl and how should one perform it?


Answer by Shaykh Salim Ghisa

Under Islamic Shariah law bathing has three obligations (Fardh) and there are 5 reasons according to the Hanafi Madhab (school of thought) that make it obligatory.

The following three obligations have to be met when bathing otherwise their bathing will not count.

    Issue 8: Aliyah & Jameela

    By Sara Salim and "Imaani" Aslam

    Jameela: Asalaam Alaikum Sis, I see you've dyed your hair again?

    Aliyah: Yep. Looks good don't it? What do you think?

    Jameela: Erm... I think you may have overdone it with the blonde highlights, not too sure if it suits your skin tone... but hey, what's with the makeover anyway?

    Aliyah: Well, you're looking at the new me. I've decided I'm through with all this being a Muslim girl thing. Now people know that I ain't one of those girls they can order about. I've decided I ain't taking no crap any more.

    Jameela: Well that's great, respecting yourself is really important, but what's taking crap got to do with being and looking like a Muslim?

    You Got Mail!

    Alveena Salim

    SweetGyal says… Phew, he's gone, dat was close-lol

    Romeo007 says… Wat happnd?

    SweetGyal says… My old man came in, so i had to close the window.

    Romeo007 says… Lol-wat did he want?

    SweetGyal says… He wanted to no why I was on the comp at 2.30am. i told him i was workin on an important college project due in 2moro.

    Romeo007 says… LOL

    SweetGyal says… Trust me, ma folks don't no jack, dey wouldn't no the diff between Microsoft Word and MSN Messenger.

    SweetGyal says… Phew, he’s gone, dat was close-lol

    Romeo007 says… Wat happnd?

    If Islam forbids intermixing and having boy/girlfriend, then how does one go about finding a marriage partner?

    Shaykh Salim Giza

    In the name of Allah the Most Beneficent and Merciful

    There are many different recommended methods of finding a suitable partner for marriage which are allowed under Shariah law.

    1. The first and most common is for the parents of the individuals to find a suitable partner via their connections within the Islamic community. Here it is important that you have a good relationship with them and you have a say in what type of partner you are looking for and you have final approval.

    2. Another method is to use influential people within the community to find a partner for you, such as the Imam or a female scholar who has contact with other people looking for a suitable partner.

    What Does Islam Say About Relationships? What's Wrong With Having Boy/Girlfriends?

    Answer by Shaykh Salim Ghiza:

    In the name of Allah the most Beneficent and Merciful.

    Pre-marital relationships (boy/girlfriends) are strictly Haram (forbidden) in Islam. For non permissible males to have a relationship with non permissible females is one of the major sins in today’s era.

    Unfortunately we see this western influence spreading like an illness amongst the Muslim youth. As barriers of work and study have been relaxed by parents, as they would like to see their children prosper, it has brought its evils with it.

    Whilst working or studying is commended and supported by Islam, the values of guarding one’s modesty and chastity are even more important.

    Answer by Shaykh Salim Ghiza: