"ن": When Muslims partake in white supremacy

Someone informed me recently about an online campaign raising awareness of the plight of persecuted Christians in Iraq.

The symbol of solidarity for that was the Arabic letter n, or "ن".

On Sunday I was listening to the news and there was someone from the church on saying that the UK government has been far too quiet for far too long on the plight of Christians in Iraq.

I haven't liked what the campaign represented for the first moment. I understand that for western individuals this may seem worthy and they may focus on the non-muslim minorities. I think it is misguided for Muslims to join any such campaign

What this campaign and others do is devalue Muslim blood.

# Will the real islamic state please stand up #

May I have your attention please...

May I have your attention please...

will the real Islamic state stand up.

I repeat, will the real Islamic State please stand up.

We're gonna have a problem here,

Because ISIS ain't it.

I am not speaking up here just for its oppression of Christians. I am not going to put the "noon" as a symbol of solidarity.

Nor for the plight of the Yezidis on Shinjar mountain (to protect whom Obama came running and bombed ISIS... mostly in a different location around Irbil to protect its CIA base there... Do not trust what America tells you. )

Because each of those campaigns and bandwagons belittles Muslim blood.

Caliph Al Baghdadi and the Islamic Caliphate

A topic to keep up to date with going ons...

First step is Tikrit.

Before ISIS Rebranded as IS, they captured large parts of Iraq including the city of Tikrit on June 11.

Currently the Iraqi government is in the process of trying to recapture the city.

Initial reports from Baghdad were that the city had been retaken, but they seem to have been premature.

The biggest victims will be the residents of TIkrit - ISIS has shown no qualms carrying out massacres, and since Tikrit has a large sunni majority. the forces of Al Maliki will not show much compassion to the residents - their aim is to show control on the ground, not to minimise civillian casualties so worse comes to worse they wont be against levelling the city.

US war veterans tossing medals back at Nato was a heroic act

Monday 21 May 2012

Nato summit leaders should have been forced to watch the moving protest of the former troops chucking their medals away


"No amount of medals, ribbons, or flags can cover the amount of human suffering caused by this war."

"I have only one word, and it is shame."

"This is for the people of Iraq and Afghanistan."

"Mostly, I'm sorry. I'm sorry to all of you. I am sorry…"

America is not leaving Iraq with its dignity intact.

America is officially ended its "war operations" in Iraq with a .

They make it look so dignified, as if a lot of what they did there can be whitewashed and ignored.

Unforetunately we cant do anything about what has happened but we can remember.
has reminded me about Fallujah and what happened there.


Look twice.

There was an arab leader facing insurrection from the people.

The people had suffered long enough - they were rising up and wanted change.

The leader, being a typical repressive arab leader used his armed forces to break the people's back. He used the armed forces and the air force to break the rebellion.

The world looked on in horror, and since the "free world" was already not a fan of the regime, it decided to take action. Afterall, something had to be done for the sake of the people.

Sanctions and no fly zones were the name of the game.

Now a question for you all: Am I talking about Libya in 2011, or Iraq in 1991?

[TV] John Pilger: The War You Don't See

John Pilger investigates the media's role in war. He traces the history of 'embedded' and independent reporting from the carnage of WWI to the current wars in Afghanistan and Iraq.

This was first broadcast on Tuesday 14 December 2010. Did anyone watch it? what do you make of it all?

, available until around 13 January 2011.

Support our troops? Not when they do this!

The MoD is furious that wikileaks has released many documents about the Iraq War.

They are furious as incidents like this one where a as she played in the street have a very slight chance of becoming public knowledge:

...Lawyer Phil Shiner said the murder happened while soldiers were handing out sweets to children.

He said: "The tank stopped at the end of the street, she's there in her yellow dress, a rifleman pops up and blows her away."...

So, to those that say "you should support our troops", I ask, do they support murder?